Reality TV star and Singer, WhiteMoney sits with Chude Jideonwo on #WithChude to
discuss winning BBN in 2021, his music career and his ultimate goal of
inevitably winning the Grammys. 
On the show, WhiteMoney discussed not having a degree and how watching foreign
films and observing people has helped him improve himself. “The biggest teacher any
man can have is experience. The second teacher anyone can have is life, and the third
is people, not even your parents. You need life, people and experience to become a
better person in life. School won’t give you that experience you need. The school will
give you theory; life will give you practical. For example, the highest educational
qualification I have is O’ level, National Examination Council (NECO), that’s all I wrote.
I didn’t write WAEC, JAMB or anything, but I still speak good English. I hate reading, but
I love to listen, so I watch a lot of movies and emulate the way they talk and
it impacted me. If I am to act the role of someone with an American accent, I have
to watch five Black American movies. By the time I’m done with them, it automatically
programs in my head against the shoot the next day. It helps fine-tune my English, and
how to read contracts and sign them. I stopped at NECO because that was where the
money stopped. It was my uncle who sent the 3,500 for the form. It was like two days
before it closed that I got it, and I passed very well. 
He also shared how poverty helps him remain tenacious in spite of rejections “The
biggest motivation for me is poverty. If you love your situation and the way you are,
then don’t work. But if you are tired of begging for handouts, not being recognized, or
tired of Grammys. Poverty will motivate you to go out there and do something for
yourself. So, poverty pushed me to audition four times in a row, and I won the fourth
On handling vicious feedback from the audience on his song, ‘Selense’, he
shared, “it didn’t affect me like that, to be very honest. If you really watch the show, or if
you ask people, they’ll tell you that WhiteMoney has zero impulses, my emotions are
zero. If you talk, it hardly gets to me because once I do what I am satisfied with, any
other thing is Jara. The thing is that the song that I drop if you give it to one of the A-List
artists, it will get more buzz than what it is now, but of course, I was known for
cooking in the Big Brother house, if it’s not cooking nobody wants to hear it. And I’m in a
position where I have to constantly prove myself that I can do this and actually cook and
be successful at both of them. But I won’t be the guy that gets old and regrets doing
what he didn’t love. I’ll keep dropping it and I know that one day, White Money is going
to get the Grammys. 
“Even the big celebrities get criticized. In fact, the criticism I got for Selense, is not up to
what I got for Na We We, the one I featured Zoro, but it helped the music to enter
Apple’s chart in two days. Up till now, I am still promoting the song, and the comments
on YouTube now are positive”, he added.

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