A newly-launched co-working space, Adrenalina has unveiled innovations aimed at facilitating growth of SMEs and businesses in the country.

The organisation explained that its presence in the market would also engender opportunities for collaboration, innovations and training for its target audience, including entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers.

While addressing the press during the launch, company’s Head of Business Success Excellence, Tejumade Salami said their services are focused on emerging businesses in Africa.

He added that the service, which is available on subscription basis, included both physical and virtual spaces such as office and hosting venues, infrastructure support, training, business intelligence and business support services.

He said, “The idea is to enable creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers have more enhancing environments to work, innovate and collaborate. We are also looking at building an ecosystem by integrating a lot of value-driving initiatives to enhance growth and success of our subscribers.”

He stated that the company will host events such as book readings, seminars, as well as publish a periodic newsletter and podcast to educate and entertain.

Chief Executive Officer of Adrenalina, Chukwuerika Achum explained that the organisation’s interest in SMEs lies in their prospects for economic growth, adding that the sector alone makes up over 90 percent of businesses and accounts for over 40 percent of the GDP of developing economies.

He stressed further that the thirst for Africa and indeed Nigeria’s development birthed the business initiative.

“We believe that Africa is rising and we want to be a significant part of this transformation by creating a community where people can work, think and collaborate for success. Government’s role as the principal employer of labour is reducing and the highly innovative start-ups of today will play a significant role in Africa’s future.

“We want to encourage this shift by supporting small and micro businesses in Africa through access to vital facilities, collaborations and training. In the future, we hope to help businesses get structured and connected to funding,” Achum said.

Commenting, the company’s Marketing Consultant, Ayodele Arowosegbe said, “The Adrenalina wants to be a major contributor to the development of innovation and enterprise in Africa. What we are creating is beyond a business. It is a community; it is a lifestyle.”

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