To encourage its customers and distributors nationwide to continue to give their best to the organization, ISN, the leader in medical diagnostic products and services in West Africa, has rewarded the Top 31 customers during their 2022 Business at their Customer forum in Lagos last week.

The 31 customers cut across the East, North, and West business Regions of ISN, and they have won several prizes with the grand prize of a Toyota Highlander given to Graceland Nigeria LTD.

Other notable winners include Pipette Nig. LTD (2021 Grand Prize winner), Mediscan Tech. support LTD, Hychez Global ventures, Semper Pharmacy, and De Pascal Surgical in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth positions respectively.

The organization also used the opportunity to announce the launch of Glucerna, a nutrition product for those living with diabetes and health-conscious individuals.

Eulogizing its customers and distributors for their efforts in 2022, ISN CEO, Mr. Felix Ofungwu stated that last year was a very difficult year, especially for those who did business in Nigeria.

“There were many challenges, particularly movements around the country as relates to the supply of goods because of movement restrictions in some parts of the country. kidnapping, forex issues, and insecurity impacted negatively on businesses but in times like that you rely or lean on your customers. Our customers really came through for us. That is why we are celebrating them today.”

Mr. Ofungwu, who decried a lack of adequate awareness campaigns by stakeholders and government as well as intervention, revealed that Nigeria was second to South Africa in the number of people living with diabetes. This is worrisome and the government must show greater interest in tackling the menace because diabetes has killed more people than malaria and HIV combined, he said.

On creating awareness, he said, “It’s really about awareness, it’s about taking the message out, working with our partners, people like the Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN), to spread awareness of the disease and also spread awareness of how individuals can manage the disease effectively, and so, for me, it’s really about going out there to every part of this country to let people know about the disease and how they can handle it.”

Regarding the reward system, the ISN Director of Consumer Health Care Products, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Chioke said, “We always take feedback from our customers. Over the years, we have tried to appreciate their efforts through this customer forum event, therefore, this year, we are rewarding 31 customers.

“We believe that 2023 would be better and they have all promised to do more this year. It is a very competitive reward system, and they are all happy about it because of the transparent process.”

Giving insight on the new product- GLUCERNA, Mrs. Chioke stated that “it’s a new supplement that helps the people living with diabetes to manage their meals. One of the things you need to do as a person living with diabetes is to know what you eat and manage your intake effectively. So, with GLUCERNA you can actually get all the supplements, and vitamins you need and It will help them to manage their condition.”

While appreciating ISN, the grand prize winner of the Toyota Highlander, the Managing Director, Graceland Nigeria ltd, Mr. Okwudili Udoye thanked ISN for leading the way in rewarding its customers. “Nothing gives joy like being rewarded for doing business with a Company that appreciates and rewards results. I am absolutely happy and elated,” said Mr. Udoye.

He, however, called on other Organisations to borrow a leaf from the goodwill of ISN by starting to appreciate their customers, because a happy customer would go the extra mile to ensure he or she keeps investing in the business.

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