Omnicom agency Rapp has unveiled a new mentorship program called “The Table Makers,” that connects junior employees with “sponsors” aka senior folks across the agency to help them grow and advance their careers.

With a goal of increasing BIPOC talent retention and developing talent within RAPP and Omnicom, the program offers employees two tracks.

The advancement track, focused on junior and mid-level employees, and the leadership track, focused on employees at the director and vice president level, connecting employees with sponsors who have 10 or more years of experience in the industry.

Sponsors are committed to helping participants foster new relationships within the organization, hone their networking skills, map out their career path and offer new perspectives and opinions to key decision-makers who are supporting their growth.

The agency indicated that while the program initially aims to focus on more underrepresented groups the goal is to ultimately “empower all talent, creating a work environment that is more equitable in representation and growth opportunity across the network.”

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