Viewers and the remaining six housemates have finally taken on the last week of the debut season of BBTians. The show is gradually ending, and the countdown is on. The housemate who wins this week’s Head of House (HoH) games will be titled the last HOH until next season.

After the HoH games, Biggie announced that Ipeleng and Khosi had emerged as the last two HOHs of the season. All the housemates participated in the games except for the incumbent Head of House, Tsatsii.

Tonight’s HOH challenge was a fun one that lasted for four rounds. In the first three rounds, the housemates had to mimic animal noises and mannerisms based on instructions on cards that Tsatsii read. Each contest had a buzzer, and the housemates had one minute to execute the instructions on the card.

The final round determined the winner, where each housemate had to write down the number of eggs they saw in the arena, testing their attentiveness. Yvonne and Ipeleng tied for the closest guess and were both declared winners of the challenge, allowing them to stay in the HOH Executive Lounge till the end of the show.

Biggie commended all the housemates and announced that there would be no “Tail of House” for the week. It is a privilege only the finalists have the grace to enjoy.

After the HOH games, Biggie gave the housemates an hour to reflect on their journey in the game and craft an appreciation speech detailing the most meaningful lessons they learned while on the show.

Six housemates qualified for the grand finale, including Ebubu, Ipeleng, Tsatsii, Yvonne, Khosi, and Kanaga Jr.

The voting period began on Sunday, and this week marks the final stretch of the voting process. Viewers will have until Sunday to decide the winner of the BBTitans season. Fans can vote for their favourite housemates using the MyDStv or MyGOtv app, mobile device, or website. App votes depend on your DStv or GOtv subscription package, while everyone gets 100 votes on the mobile app or website.

Get more out of your votes by jumping on the DStv step-up offer. All you have to do is upgrade to the package above your current package, and DStv will upgrade you to the next higher tier. It means if you upgrade from Compact to Compact Plus, for instance, DStv will upgrade you to Premium. Remember, the higher your package, the more votes you get.

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