For some consumers, the Heineken Champion League television commercial is not spectacular, but others consider it inspirational and creative. Even though wolves bark, woof, whine, whimper, yelp, growl, snarl and moan a lot more often than they howl, it is howling that defines the wolf, and fascinates us.

The ‘you are not watching alone’ campaign has generated massive reviews. Have you ever watched a football with dog? Do you monitor their reactions when you reacted? Then if you have followed this with keen interest you will understand what the Wolf does in the Heineken commercial.

When every football fan is reacting, wolf can only howl because that is what it knows how to do, while human may be reacting by punching the air, jumping around, making uncoordinated noises and hugging one another, the catch of the ad, wolf, can only howl. Most consumers don’t remember that Thierry Henry, a football icon, is in that TVC. This reinforces the position that celebrity brand endorsement strategy, oftentimes, is a drainpipe for the brands. Wolf makes it happen; not Henry.

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