Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank has been preaching loyalty in its classic television commercial created for European Champion League. For a while, the ad was rested because of COVID-19 pandemic. However, the resumption of the European league competition means the commercial has been reworked and aired.

What is interesting is not the TVC but how the creative agency has been able to adopt it to fit the present times.

For those who never saw the television commercial for the third generation bank, it is about keeping promises even to your kid.

In the TVC, parents are ready to go for an outing and their 5 year old daughter feels she should be part of the evening. She asks her father to take her along. The storyline stretches to the father making a deceptive pledge and deciding to take off with the wife as the little girl innocently dashes into her room to pick her pair of shoes. Hopefully making her way to the living room to join the parents, she regrettably finds that the parents had left without her. As she plunges into despair, her father and mother show up to reassure her that nothing will make them leave without her.

This is a classic storyline that reassures your brand proposition, but the bottomline is how the bank has adapted the classic message to fit the current public health crisis. To encourage Nigerians to keep apart as COVID-19 pandemic persists, Fidelity Bank, in a creative maneuver kept its logo apart to show that even a corporate symbol can be separated in time of critical situation. The creative agency that worked on the TVC understands the importance of time, space and emotion. Thumbs up, Fidelity Bank!

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