Glo television commercials (TVCs) have been largely below par to say the least. Yes, the light green telecommunication giant could be credited for its celebrity engagement strategy otherwise called brand ambassadors. Glo rarely gives room for competition to have access to Nigerian celebrities, which has been a regular escape for the brand. Kudos to Glo for this empowerment tactic, but this is a discussion for another day.

That said, Glo’s creative works, especially TVCs, have left much to be desired. Anyone who has seen Simi and Gordons’ ads for the National Identification (NIN) awareness campaign will understand that those creating the content are doing so for the sake of becoming the first to the market. While Simi with a tiny voice was ludicrous, Gordons in a couch looks appalling.

Somehow, the telco giant has made it up with Shaki’s classic. From all indications the Shaki’s TVC is intended to communicate the strength of Glo data, and that works. There is an online meeting of friends obviously anchored by Simi and everyone was ready for the meeting but Shaki. He kept getting calls from friends, who perhaps, had waited for him. Eventually, he got into the meeting, and was asked his best kept secret which he revealed without noticing his mother’s presence.

Shaki told the online audience that “I like to steal meat from my mama soup pot” and his mom’s slap landed on his face. The lesson is simple – nemesis will always catch up with you. That is one of the best moral messages conveyed by Glo. Great thinking!

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