1. It helps build credibility and trust:

If you have been doing well in meeting your clients’ needs with your products and/or services, with time, you’ll earn your business some loyal brand evangelists who will spread the word about your business.

 It’s important to note that, if someone shares something about you or your company, it carries more weight than when you say something about yourself or your business.

 2. It enables reputation and crises management

 A key part of PR is to monitor your business and stay on top of what is being said about your business, and making sure that the information that’s being spread is accurate.

Note that one negative comment can escalate and ruin your brand; meanwhile, building real trust and credibility takes years.

 3. It helps tell your brand story or share a newsworthy story about your business.

 With the exposure PR generates for your brand, it increases your brand visibility and helps you maintain long term relationships.

 4. It helps generate leads and sales

 With good PR, a brand can have increased chances of catching the interest of its audience and could translate into leads or sales.

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