Who said breakfast should only before the early risers? At Domino’s, it is now an all-day affair with their new and exciting All-Day Breakfast Menu, and you can now enjoy being unconventional with all the tasty on-the-go bites that are sure to amuse your taste buds.

The All-Day Breakfast Menu is your chance to enjoy your first meal regardless of the time of day. With this menu, breakfast is at your fingertips from sunrise to sundown, with offerings such as delicious Nigerian delicacies like our much-loved Small Chops to yummy Meatpie, Chicken pie, and Sausage Rolls that come in three tasty flavours- plain, cheese and BBQ-Cheese.

Stop at your nearest Domino’s to pick up a nicely stuffed pack of tasty Small Chops, Sausage Rolls (plain, with cheese, and BBQ cheese), Meatpie&Chickenpie to get your morning started. On the flip side, while working late,satisfy your late-night cravingswith some comfort food like their signature meat and chicken pies, all you have to do is visit https://www.dominos.ng/,and from the ease of your home or office, peruse the website and choose the breakfast item that hits the spot.

The Dominos All-Day Breakfast Menuis the perfect mash-up of perfect quick bites for any time of the day, coming to you at irresistible prices- meat and chicken piesfor as low as N500 a piece and the range of sausage rolls- the plain, cheese, and BBQ-Cheese-go starting from N500.

With how busy our days can get, it’sfantastic to know that Domino’shas breakfast covered. Hurry to your nearestDomino’s and delight in having breakfast whenever you desire.

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