Ginjaaah Your Flow

Launched 3 weeks ago, the 2 minutes 31 seconds new Coca-Cola commercial- digital, television and radio, anchored by Mayorkun, has taken over the airwave in Nigeria. Typical of the soft drink giant, Coca-Cola never disappoint with its television commercials. Being a global brand, every commercial from Coca-Cola usually has global outlook. The ‘Ginjaaah Your Flow’ produced by Elvin Cena Production that come like full single musical electronic production, has harvested over three hundred thousand views on YouTube.

The Ginjaaah Your Flow is filled with inspiration tunes. The tvc begins with signature opening in every Mayorkun’s song, “Oh Lagos” where it is pictured in the studio. His voice came through with “I’ve been down for a minute, now I am back up”, this occurred after taking a bottle of Coke. The second line said, “Couple of things I want to explore, just try to set your goal and it will Ginjaaah your flow”. The 150 seconds tvc on YouTube features Coke bottles vibrating and filling up to the tune of a rhythmic beat. These filled bottles from Coca-Cola’s music-fuelled factory subsequently act as a refresher to whomever picks them up.

This subliminal message reinforces Coca-Cola’s commitment to keeping the world refreshed with uplifting music. Gbolahan Sanni, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, noted, “At some point during our daily activities, we all experienced those moments when the day appears to drag on and we can’t help but feel dull and tired. Ginjaaah Your Flow is our attempt to share how these dull daily moments can be transformed into memorable and uplifting ones, by reaching for an ice-cold coke. The refreshing Ginjaaah of Coca-Cola enables you to be in the moment and turn whatever life throws at you into positive energy”

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