The Blacklist’s Amir Arison returns as agent Hugh Dunnit

Some of the longest running TV ads are police procedurals that spent decades following detectives who always had another case to solve. Ferrero drew on that rich tradition last September with its “Butterfinger Investigators” ad campaign. A year later, the candy bar crime-fighting duo has been renewed for a new effort that kicked off on Memorial Day.

Amir Arison, who plays an FBI agent on the Blacklist, and Alexandria Benford reprise their roles as BFI agents, Hugh Dunnit and Ali Byes, in a pair of 15-second spots from agency Piro. Both “Poster” and “Escalator” feature cleverly costumed thieves trying to run off with someone’s Butterfinger only to be trapped by the detectives, who return the pilfered candies to their delighted owners. “No one lays a finger on your Butterfinger,” Arison says, a riff on the brand’s classic “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger” tagline delivered by Bart Simpson in the late ’90s and early 2000s Sticky fingers

Consumers are encouraged to report their own Butterfinger-related crimes by calling 833-TELL-BFI. That number goes to a recording menu voiced by both actors, where callers are encouraged to share intel about stolen Butterfingers (or their own guilty confessions) on Twitter or Instagram.

The brand is also reprising last year’s “Turn Yourself In” sweepstakes. Consumers can turn a selfie into a mug shot at the campaign’s dedicated website, until Nov. 8, to enter to win $25,000. Additional entries can be earned by referring friends to the sweeps via Facebook, Twitter or email. The Halloween-themed site links to a Click2Cart by SmartCommerce page to buy the candy. The national TV spots will both be shared on YouTube with paid media support handled by Mindshare. Golin handles PR and social media support.

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