Bossbus Technologies, a tech-based transportation company with a nationwide reach located in the heart of Lagos, has come out with a near magical wand to tackle the hydra-headed transportation problems in Nigeria, be it on land and sea or in the air. It is all offered at a one-stop shop – an app that provides all the solutions by a mere click on your Smartphone. Birthed about two years ago, Bossbus, which started as a bus-hailing company in 2019, lost significant amounts of money due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic struck at the time the nascent company was still steadying its legs in the economic space of Nigeria. With an innovative team that could think outside the box, it went back to the drawing board to re-strategize. Bossbus did not just survive the excruciating effects of the pandemic but came back bigger, better and greater.

With just one tech platform, Bossbus App, downloaded to your Smartphone, you are exposed to an array of services, ranging from cars to boats and yachts, and helicopters to jets. Beyond its ability to offer intra-city services across the 36 states of the country, Bossbus has on the mart interstate charter service that offers a client a vehicle with a driver for days.  In all the categories, Bossbus offers clients the option of riding in Premium, Standard or Economy buses, according to their tastes and/or wallets. It is an enterprise that runs on a win-win partnership, where drivers, bring in their own vehicles, and investors bring in their vehicles to be assigned to registered drivers – all – on agreed terms of daily, weekly or monthly payment. The greatest advantage of the transportation revolution by the firm is the investors’ ability to monitor their vehicles by using smartphones from the comfort of their rooms or offices because all the vehicles on Bossbus are tracked. Bossbus also offers Police Escort service.

The Executive Director, Marketing, Bossbus, John Oluwatobi Olubimo said, “Unlike Unber, where you have to pay per trip and may not even know the actual payment to be made until the end of the trip, with us, you choose your bill and the payment is made before the driver is approved to make the trip.” He added, “Another good thing about our services is that you can choose our pooling services or lone ride. You can also choose a daily, weekly or monthly package, all depending on your preferred choice as indicated on the App.”

Quoting a famous leader, who once said he “is for everybody and not for anybody”, the Chief Executive of Bossbus, Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode, said “Bossbus is an integrated transport platform; we are a brand leader that carries a lot of people along, irrespective of their social class, location, creed and tribe. Transportation is a way of life; it needs to be better and comfortable. Apart from the hassles of looking to ‘balance’ the shortage of buses, commuters experience daily across the nation’s cities, we also want to tackle the social menace associated with the hazard of ‘one chance’ thieves in our own little way,”

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