Mouka Limited

Following a violent protest within its premises by some irate staff and contractors over labor issues, the foam giant company, Mouka Limited, announced that the majority of its workforce is in support of its current restructuring exercise. In a statement entitled “ Violent attack and disruption of activities at Mouka: Our Position,” and made available to The Industry, it said, “Our attention has been drawn to some distorted and deliberately fabricated stories posted on a few social media platforms by persons claiming to be staff of Mouka Limited, and some paid adverse content traders, deliberately to blackmail, intimidate and embarrass Mouka, in order to justify their illegal disruption of work and molestation of law abiding and peaceful staff of the company.”

“To put the record straight, Mouka Limited has robust staff welfare with a proud tradition of providing welfare benefits that go above and beyond the expected duty of care to Mouka staff and their families. The Company is committed to investing in people to ensure capacity building and the readiness for future career growth. As a good Corporate Citizen, Mouka has also significantly contributed to the local communities in which it operates,” the statement stressed.

“As part of its continuous improvement plans, the company recently undertook a restructuring program, which engaged almost 10% of the Mouka people across all employee grades and in all locations nationwide. The major objectives of the exercise are to strengthen operations, and provide career development opportunities for key deserving employees. However, as the case with every progressive development in corporate organizations, a few will resent the change. Unfortunately, the resentment of the few agitators does not align with the majority,” the statement further noted.

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