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2022 Desperados Collectives Campaign: A platform for young Nigerian creatives

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Heineken’s Desperados beer brand is collaborating with content creators globally to add an exciting twist to its credential campaign under the platform called – The Desperados Collectives. An international platform that places a spotlight on young, burgeoning creative talents. In the class of 2022, participating countries include France, Germany, Spain, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. In Nigeria, Desperados is collaborating with one of Nigeria’s finest multidisciplinary artists – Alabi Mayowa, publicly known as Shuta Bug.

Shuta Bug, who has continually made a name for himself as an unusual artist with his digital illustrations, recently released his first body of work for the campaign series on his official Instagram handle writing “excited to showcase my first illustration for the #DesperadosCollective.”

Guided by the ethos of Desperados beer that translates to ‘Playful Experimentation’, the widely praised image depicts the energy and confidence that drives today’s young Nigerians, highlights themes of inclusivity and showcases the vibrant energy and colour Desperados brings to every occasion.  

Content creators, not limited to illustrators, skit makers and musical artistes are spotlighting Nigeria positively on the global scene, and with an abundance of talented persons, this initiative aims to showcase the brightest creatives from Nigeria to the world in a manner that this community inspire each other to break artistic boundaries. For the Desperados, it is a celebration of experimental mindsets and those who are unafraid to try new things.

In the 2022 class, a pool of both emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines are paired to create content and remix their own concepts to birth an artistic masterpiece. The collaborative venture between artists will enable experimentation that results in extraordinary pieces to be projected to a global audience, with a spotlight on the eye-catching Desperados bottle. In due time, Shuta Bug’s partner will be announced to the public, whilst his works and other concepts created globally will be unveiled at an event hosted by Desperados.

Similarly, other selected artists for the campaign — Elmotion and Pebe, will be paired with mentors like Daniel Rueda, Anna Devis and Loza for the 2022 calendar year.

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