Planoly data report highlights Social Media Market Trends for 2022

A United States based Software development agency, Planoly has  recently unveiled a comprehensive social media market research data, a document which it claimed, has the capability to accurately predict expected market trends on the social media.

The data report which it publicized recently is tailored at enabling and to enhance operational efficiency of professional marketers and more importantly to serve a handy tool to all brand centric and brand oriented businesses in the course of current year 2022.

The agency, with its operational headquarters based in Austin city in Texas, has since inception served as a highly authoritative Visual management platform developer serving the social media and Instagram needs.

The organization which started its operations, first, as visual planner for Instagram has over time grown to become industry-leading social marketing platform and is trusted by over 5 million users across the globe. 

The data report, captured simply as “The 2022  Planoly Social media Trends” is a detailed analytical research study highlighting specific behavioral   market patterns that are most likely to trend across the social media in course of 2022 business year and beyond. 

The Planoly data report identifies seven distinct social media market trends to be looked out for, especially, for brand oriented businesses to be relevant in the current year 2022.

First amongst the seven market considerations, the agency identifies that Videos usage will get increasingly bigger in the year and that will be so  because, as it presently stands, video alone  currently generates about 1200 percent share higher than both text and image contents combined. 

 According to the report, the push for video content is apparent because, virtually every central platform has added, or is adding a video component for users. 

The report noted “Since video uses audio and features added text capabilities, it makes it easier for more people to consume, not to mention that it appears to younger audiences. It noted, for instance, that 47 percent of TikTok’s active users ranges between age bracket 10 and 29.

On second note, the report identified that Creator economy would be on the rise, adding that Generation Z (abbreviated as (Gen Z) marketing would be at the center of business discuss. 

According to the data, Long term content usage would turn to Bite – size even as Brands would seek to become more human and the Future of shopping would be entirely virtual.

The data further predicts, Influencer Marketing would reach S15 billion mark by turn of the year 2022 and, this, the report noted would be the case because, “ During the pandemic, many took to social media for entertainment, and as a result, it became the leading channel for brand discovery and product sales. 

According to Business Insider, Marketers increased their influence budget by more than 25 percent in 2021. As a result, influential marketing budget continues to grow in 2022 just as the increase in spend will cause a change in the typical influence business relationship. Instead of Influencers creating single post with an expected reach, brands will work more closely and thoughtfully with influencers for more meaningful collaboration.

Total creator market size, according to the report is over S104.2 Billion.  The figure is said to be on the increase daily, a pointer to the fact that the creator economy will ultimately experience a rise. The report noted; “Since the start of the pandemic, the creator economy has truly multiplied, making up more than 50 million people worldwide.

The creator economy describes the business built by independent social media content creators and their ability to grow and monetize their online communities. 

To take advantage of this creator -centric environment, the report suggests, brand will have to think of creators as partners and make the partnership work both ways.

Gen Z, the report says, has an estimated spending power of S43 Billion, to that extent, making it a key component to market trends in 2022. Marketing to Gen Z is a must, and when done effectively, it can lead to more partnerships and a new audience of customers.

 Born from 1995 – 2009, they are the first group of customers that are mobile – first generation. They can’t remember a world without Smartphones. Traditional advertising doesn’t really affect Gen Z, which is why brands need to shift how they approach marketing with this group.

Social impact or genuinely mission driven brands are important to Gen Z. More brands will need to create content that is not only entertaining, but also authentic. We are seeing more and more brands on TikTok or using members. Gen Z responds well to video content and is part of why video content is so popular. They are quick to respond and comment. The scrapper the content the better. They lean towards imagery over extensive text, and value originality.

The report identified also that Future of shopping is virtual. Turning your social media accounts into an online shop is essential for driving sales. Social commerce generated S 475 billion in revenue in 2020 and it is expected to grow 28 percent between 2021 and 2028. 

 People turn to social media to window shop, and it has the power to turn followers into customers. According to the report, social media is trending because, social commerce, the merging of ecommerce and social media, has completely reshaped the way people shop. Not having a social commerce component can deter potential customers from making a purchase. In addition, the customer’s convenience, shopping via social media platforms is a way to keep users on platform longer and generate more revenue.

As we head into 2022, the report averred, platforms will continue to create ways to make the digital shopping experience more robust and life like. 

As identified by the report, long – Form content turns Bite Size. By implication, 68 percent of the people will watch a business video if it is under a minute. 

For this purpose, the report advised marketers to move away from long, overly produced content and focus on creating content that is attention grabbing and doesn’t take too long to consume. This subject, the report anticipated, will most likely trend in 2022 because there is no shortage of content, meaning that the influx of information presents to marketers, businesses and creators with quite a few challenges, but the biggest one might be grabbing a user’s attention in a matter of seconds, hence the reason why more accounts are leaning into Bit – Size or short -form content.

On the last note, the report predicted brands will become more human and as an emerging trend with a strong social presence, leveraging your C – Shit and senior leadership as extensions of your brand.

To create a strong following, the report admonishes marketers to make contents that are accessible  and relatable because “Your audience will engage and look forward to the content u are posting”. This factor, the report noted, is currently trending because as a way to break through the noise and connect with the audience, brands are blurring the line between digital and real life. 

Before a few years ago, brands didn’t always speak on culture topics. However, Gen Z is holding brands accountable to their mission and causes. We are even starting to see business leaders themselves leverage their social presence as an extension of the brands to drive the message home to new audiences.

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