ISN Medical, a leading supplier of medical diagnostic products and services in Nigeria has rewarded its loyal customers for optimum performances in the 2021 business year with a 2022 brand new Hyundai Santa Fe, high-end refrigerators, 6.5KVA generators, microwave ovens and stocks worth millions of naira.

 At the prize presentation ceremony, which took place at the company’s headquarters in Ilupeju Lagos yesterday during the ISN 2021 Key Customer Forum, fourteen customers nationwide were rewarded in two categories- the national and the regional awards.

For national awardees, Pipette Nig Ltd won the national highest contributor, which comes with a 2022 brand new Hyundai Santa Fe. Hychez Global Venture emerged second and won a Hisense Double Door Chest Freezer + Microwave and some stocks, while De Pascal Surgical came third and won a Hisense 3Horse Power Standing AC + Microwave and some stocks from ISN.

Graceland Nigeria Limited from the west region and H-Medix Pharmacy from the North region were announced in the fourth and fifth position respectively and they won OLED 65 Inch LG TV, Hisense Side by Side Fridge, microwaves, and some stocks.

Congratulating all the winners after the prize presentation ceremony, General Manager, Diabetes Care ISN Products Limited, Ifeyinwa Chioke said that “On a yearly basis, we appreciate our key partners every year; therefore, this is for the business they did with us for 2021.”

“We invite our customers in Q1 of each year and look at the business of the previous year. Now, we invited our top 25 contributors to the business of 2021. The people you saw here today contributed about 50% of the total business turnover that we did last year 2021,” she revealed.

L-R: General Manager, Diabetes Care, ISN Medical, Mrs Ifeyinwa Chioke; wife of the winner, Mrs Amaka Ezennia; winner of the ISN Medical Hyundai Car/Managing Director, Pipette Nigeria, Mr Chinwuba Ezennia; and Managing Director, ISN Limited, Mr Felix Ofungwu, during the ISN Medical 2021 Customers Forum in Lagos

Mrs Chioke stated that 2021 was a good year in terms of results but in terms of challenges, “we went through a lot because we had two price changes in 2021, one in January and another inSeptember, because of the unstable dollar and Euro.”

According to her, “We purchase items in Euros, and we have to change dollars to Euros to be able to buy.   Despite the issues we had last year we were still able to grow in Volume by 8% in 2021. For us, it was a good year and these companies we are rewarding today made it happen.”

Speaking on the reward scheme, Mrs. Chioke said, “At ISN, we believe that rewarding people for their hard work is the way to go.  In our system, we have a reward for the sales team, as well as our customers.

So, these customers that are winning today have contributed hugely to the brand in terms of sales and we are appreciating them for supporting the business. A reward scheme is like a lubricant that oils the bolt and joints of a machine. If you appreciate someone, he or she will continue to give his or her best for you.”

The Managing Director of Pipette Nig Ltd, Mr. Ezennia Chinwuba, whose organisation won the grand prize said that he did not expect it and he is grateful to the company for finding Pipette Nig Ltd worthy of this prize.

Describing the 2021 business year, Mr. Ezennia Chinwuba said, “2021 was a very good year for us, it was not bad because we were able to achieve our objectives. The car reward has crowned 2021 for all of us at Pipette Nig Ltd Nigeria.”

He advised organisations to continue to show appreciation at all levels because the reward for good work is more work.

“My advice to companies is that they should try as much as they can to reward their customers no matter how small because when you reward your customers, they will actually put in their best”

Other regional awardees include New Health Pharmacy- North, Everoch Global company-East and Mediscan Tech Support ltd-West emerged first and won 6.5KVA fireman generator and microwaves each. Coming second by regions are Klen Pharmacy-north, Ultimate Divine-East and Kunle Ara Pharmacy-West who each won side-by-side Hisense refrigerators. For the third position on a regional basis are Glostan-North, I.T Johnson-East and Medplus- West and they all won brand-new Hisense 50-inch televisions and blenders.

Meanwhile, ISN has promised that the 2022 business year will be bigger, better, and much more rewarding.

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