Eva and Schweppes Nigeria teamed up with Lagos Go, as headline sponsors, to treat guests to an exciting time at the Grand Finale of the Lagos Restaurant Festival (LRF).

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Senior Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Bunmi Adeniba commended the brains behind the event and reiterated Eva and Schweppes’ unwavering commitment to consumer satisfaction.

She said, “We showcase our diversity as a brand while delivering an exciting and fun experience to food enthusiasts across the world. As our contribution to the development of the food and beverages sector in which we play, we want to reward our consumers who allow us to thrive by giving them more opportunities to connect with our brands and other consumers”.

On other reasons for their sponsorship of the event, she disclosed that “Our Eva brand focuses on giving consumers pure refreshment and guaranteeing that everyday life experiences are enriched”. This is grounded in providing pure, clean water in a sustainable way that enlivens the body and mind.

Also, as the perfect social partner, Schweppes can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer and offers a range of creations with ingredients selected with care, created to mix with or to quench thirst wherever consumers find themselves.

On the Festival and partnership, Akin Eso, Founder, and CEO, Lagos Go lauded the Eva Water and Schweppes brand for its commendable partnership.

He said, “The partnership with Eva water and Schweppes couldn’t have been better. We are proud to have had a partner who was the preferred choice of most restaurants and guests”.

According to Eso, “We are glad because they played a major role in making the Lagos Restaurant Festival a success and we look forward to more future collaborations”.

Recall that from September 1st to 18th, 2022, the LRF captivated Lagos residents with over 60 participating restaurants to ‘spoil’ culinary lovers with the opportunity to walk into any of the restaurants for a festival deal, comprising amazing meals and beverages with sponsor brands.

The Grand Finale held at the Pop-up restaurant, “Restaurant X” on the 18th of September, 2022 and saw guests engaging with the brand while a 360 camera was on hand to capture people as they entered the venue courtesy of Schweppes.

Attendees were also offered the opportunity of experiencing the wholesome experience of Schweppes Mocktails, which were accessible to guests at the Schweppes sampling bar, while engaging in memorable brand-led activities both on the ground and on digital platforms.

Eva also engaged the guests through an Instant photo booth and Eva cold box, to capture the simulation of Eva bottles in a chiller, and thrilled them with Eva bottles simulations which were passed by hostesses as guests rounded up Photo ops with Schweppes and Illusion bottles, which still gave guests the feeling of being a part of Eva.

It was gathered that Eva bottled water has been designed to be a perfect complement to everyday moments, while, Schweppes offers a range of delicately-balanced creations with carefully selected ingredients, created to mix with or to quench thirst.

The brand owners aver that both brands have always been a perfect pair for food, good living, and fun which is in line with the narrative to refresh and excite consumers.

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