The first step on the journey of wellness is a balance in our diet which is achievable by evaluating and taking advantage of readily available and affordable nutrient fillers.

To this end, experts have recommended the regular consumption of fruit juice as a key ingredient to providing important nutrients for overall health and wellness.

This served as the backdrop of discussion for this year’s Chivita World Juice Day which was celebrated recently with the theme “Supporting Everyday Wellness”. This year’s edition which is the fourth in the series brought the benefits of fruit juice consumption to the centre stage of national discourse by highlighting its importance in complementing and enhancing a wholesome lifestyle.

Speaking in an interview to mark the day, Dr Olusola Malomo, an Assistant Chief Dietitian/Nutritionist with the Lagos State Health Service Commission stated that as humans we all desire a healthy life, and as such, rely heavily on the nutrients, vitamins and minerals derived from our daily food consumption to stay healthy.

Malomo noted that regardless of your motive for food consumption, be it for pleasure or remedy, one of the best measures to building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is to regularly consume antioxidant-rich beverages such as 100% fruit juice. 

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, noted that there is a need for more Nigerians to embrace fruit juice consumption as daily intake of fruit juices fortifies the immune system and keeps the body hydrated.

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