Seasoned experiential marketing professional, Wole Olagundoye, the Managing Director of Outori Limited, has said that having a more personalised experience with a product will foster emotional connections that resonate with consumers.

Mr. Olagundoye’s assertion hinges on the fact that consumers are inundated with a barrage of marketing messages across a plethora of media platforms, and can only have a deeper affinity with brands through experiential bonding.

The experiential marketing expert established the above viewpoint during an interactive session with Benjamin Okoh on ‘Brands and You’ on Classic 97.3 FM.

He noted that consumers’ needs are very crucial and, therefore, challenged brands to identify and target pain-points as priorities through research and create experiences that will ultimately lead to a boost in brand perception and drive purchases and growth.

“Consumers are faced with a plethora of choices to make in the marketplace. How do I stand out as a brand from that clutter to connect with my audience in a way that they feel a true experience that creates emotional connection? I don’t want you to just come and purchase me today and not do the same tomorrow. I want you to purchase me continuously, and become a loyalist. The only way we can do that is by creating real, rich and relevant experiences.

The experiential enthusiast revealed that the role of experiential is to ensure that consumers are inspired to make a decision after interacting with a brand through their touch and feel.

“We have seen over time that, while every single brand can do what you call the traditional marketing for their products, very few can connect with their audience emotionally; and that is where the shift comes. Experiential helps consumers to connect to the point where they can consider you at that point of purchase. How does that happen? That is where experiential marketing comes into play,” he said.

He added that the uniqueness of experiential marketing lies in its power to extend the conversation to create opportunities where the story and experience can continue to be shared on several platforms which could be both online and offline.

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