A global peer-to-peer finance platform, Paxful, has restated its commitment to promoting financial literacy among Nigerian youth as part of its efforts to drive economic growth in the country.

Paxful founder and CEO, Ray Youssef, disclosed this at the 2022 annual Digital Nigeria International Conference and Exhibition, held in Abuja.

Speaking during his presentation at Blockchain Day- “Blockchain for Youth Empowerment”, Youssef noted that the youth are the bedrock of every society, and they facilitate growth and economic development and is vital that they are empowered with financial education to thrive and become the nation’s next great leaders.

“Financial education brings empowerment and entrepreneurship. Nigerian youth are leading a financial revolution and Bitcoin has already scaled tenfold compared to other regions.

According to him, this will foster that momentum and open Nigeria up to the global market, grow local businesses, expand opportunities for international freelancers and lessen Nigeria’s reliance on international governments who threaten to devalue local commerce.

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