The 5th episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja had its fair share of drama, with tension running high between Princess and Comfort. Princess had developed a habit of referring to Comfort as “Mummy G.O,” a nickname that had clearly become a sore point for Comfort. When Princess used the name again at Arafa’s house, Comfort lost her cool, and the two women got into a heated argument.

In a heated exchange, Comfort exploded in anger, telling Princess that she would no longer tolerate being called that name. Princess, feeling defensive, argued back, insisting that Comfort was being too rigid and needed to lighten up.

The argument quickly escalated, with Arafa struggling to diffuse the situation but only making it worse. The damage had already been done, with Comfort feeling hurt and disrespected by Princess’s use of the term.

The situation was made even worse by the ongoing debate about Tutupie’s alleged drunkenness. Comfort had been insisting that Tutupie must have been drunk at the club, while Princess was defending her friend and denying that she was drunk.

The combination of these two issues had created a toxic atmosphere, with alliances being tested and old wounds being reopened. As the ladies struggled to find a way forward, it was clear that the tension between Comfort and Princess was not going to be resolved anytime soon.

Despite the tension, Comfort was determined to move forward and invited Tutupie and Arafa to a golfing activity. To the surprise of everyone, including Comfort, Princess arrived at the golf course with Tutupie.

Will Comfort and Princess be able to bury the hatchet and move forward, or will their feud continue to simmer? By subscribing to Showmax right away, you can watch all episodes of “The Real Housewives of Abuja” to catch up on the drama.


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