CAPTION: L-R: Dentsu Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Rowlands, and the Group Chief Executive Officer of dentsu Nigeria, Emeka Chris Okeke

During the one-day Dentsu Procurement Academy programme, clients also expressed confidence in Dentsu Nigeria. Some of the clients who spoke at the event commended the company for quality delivery, according to a press statement by Dentsu Nigeria’s Corporate Communications Manager, Sodiq Oyeleke, on Thursday.

They also hailed Dentsu Nigeria for cost-effective campaigns and expressed satisfaction with the company’s result-oriented approach.

Speaking at one of the sessions, Dentsu Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Rowlands, assured the clients of amazing deals that would help drive business growth.

Rowlands who spoke on ‘How to Measure Brand Performance in Media, Digital and Creative and the Value of Integration’, said, “With your collaboration, we can drive inspiration and efficiency together. We’ll use integrated skills to promote your business and give you a massive impact on the entire business, and meet set values and success measurements,” she added.

She also noted that Dentsu’s Consumer Connection System would be of great benefit to their businesses if they keyed into it.

According to her, Dentsu has one of the best procurement systems in the world.

On his part, the Group CEO of Dentsu Nigeria, Emeka Chris Okeke, emphasized that MediaFuse-Dentsu would not relent in ensuring optimal value in every deal.

While boosting the client’s confidence, he said, “We are more interested in building a long-lasting working relationship with you. As our business partners, your growth is our priority, and we will not relent in ensuring that you see value for every money spent.”

Also, Global Managing Director, Programmes and Change Management, Paul Hughes, said that Dentsu has a robust and dependable structure for transitioning.

He said, “We got a really clear process through our hierarchy so that we can find out what’s going on about a brand and the action (s) needed. We have a strong reporting hierarchy that mitigates risk. We coordinate in a flexible and scalable manner.”

Also, the Managing Director of Dentsu Location Services in Nigeria, Chike Oputa, and Dentsu Transformation Director, Elizabeth Akinyele, urged clients to leverage data to develop their brands.

“Leverage the power of data to drive growth. Data powers businesses and accelerates business performance,” Chike added.

Akinyele explained how data could be used to increase consumers’ experience of brands.

She said, “We unlock your data and use it to drive digital transformation, make a customer purchase more and improve customer experience.”

While speaking on ‘Value of Creative’, the Group Creative Director of MediaFuse-Dentsu, Sola Mosuro, cited how creativity had driven sales for products and molded consumers’ behaviour positively.

He also encouraged brand honesty, adding that “We are careful with our designs. We also need brands to develop courage for honesty.”

General Manager, D’Agyle, Marian Ogaziechi, and Associate Media Director, RedStar, Ugochukwu Maduagwu also spoke on ‘How to measure media value’.

On her part, Ogaziechi said the company strives to ensure that everybody wins in all deals.

“Our target is long-term sustainable growth for us and our partners. The goal is to ensure everybody wins,” she noted.

In other to deliver value, Maduagwu said the company ensured that capable hands handled accounts.

He said, “We get the best cost in other to deliver quality. While doing this, we understand that not everything efficient is effective and not everything effective is efficient. We also know that agency delivery will only be as good as the team on your account.”

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