FestivAfrica’ beach festival inaugurates new brand, consumer engagement in Africal

The unveiling party for FestivAfrica, the first African-themed beach festival, held late last year was an unforgettable experience for several guests.

The event which was attended by top Nigerian brands and high net-worth individuals is posed to be an annual celebration of colorful African dynamics, Lifestyle, Talents, and beach culture.

FestivAfrica will be migrating from city to city across Africa and other continents where there are African footfalls.

The maiden festival is planned to take place in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2023 while the second show will take place in Nigeria winter of 2023.

The purpose of the unveiling party was to provide a sneak preview of the packed experience that FestivAfrica will offer to brands, investors, and limited, paying audiences.

FestivAfrica is the first African-themed beach festival. An annual celebration of colorful African dynamics, FestivAfrica will be migrating from city to city across Africa and other continents where there are African footfalls.

FestivAfrica will spread the unique vibes of African fashion, music, lifestyle, and vibrant heritage mixing them with the best performances in entertainment, art, games, and other trivia. It is a parade of the very best of Africa.

The initiative is open to all; young, old, family, individuals, love birds, and other fun seekers; a fusion of the most diverse groups united by the taste for quality fun, it is indeed, the ideal festival for rediscovery for Africans in the diaspora.

Speaking on this development, Mrs. Opeyemi Odeyale, Head, Business Development and Projects for FestivAfrica disclosed that, “FestivAfrica is a new entertainment brand, an all-African Themed beach festival, all African in the sense that it celebrates the African beach culture, trends, lifestyle, talents, and acts while using the most opulent locations, and not just in Africa alone but in global cities where there are African footprints.”

According to her, “the simple fact that we are celebrating African beach culture and replicating this globally is one unique element. We are taking it a notch higher by touring with A-list performers who are known to be well celebrated and have continued raising the African flag in their various playing fields.”

Speaking on partnership, she said; “We are looking to onboard partners and sponsors who key into our objectives and long-term visions for the project as we prepare for the maiden edition which is to be held this summer in the UK. Brands that have footprints across Africa and beyond, and brands that welcome and open to innovation.”

“Even though there are lots and lots of amazing beach festivals around the world, I wouldn’t say they can find this type as there’s something that makes FestivAfrica different and unique, something I like to call ‘our magic formula’ something we would be showcasing to the world very soon,” she added.

While describing the unveiling of FestivAfrica in Lagos, she pointed out that, “the unveiling party was an experience; it was thrilling with amazing acts and familiar industry faces. Attendees were able to experience our ambitions and aspirations toward the upcoming main events

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