In commemoration of World Water Day 2023, Nestlé Nigeria took the message of
responsible water management to over 160 children and teachers from public and private
primary schools, in collaboration with the Ogun State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Agency and the FCT Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency.
The events included a tour of the company’s water plants in Agbara, Ogun State and
Abaji, in the Federal Capital Territory. Activities included games to help the children
inculcate the right habits in the way they use, consume, and manage water, to help them
become better stewards of this precious resource.
World Water Day is an annual United Nations observance to raise awareness about the
importance of water and the impact of our actions on preserving this scarce resource
today, and for future generations. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Accelerating
Joy Abdullahi-Johnson, Marketing and Category Manager for Nestlé Waters Nigeria said,
“Water is the most critical natural resource for human survival, after air. It therefore needs
to be managed in a way that is equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically
beneficial. With the increasing pressure on our water resources, we all need to work
together to preserve this vital resource we all depend on”.

“At Nestlé, we believe that equipped with the right information, children can become good
stewards of the environment from an early age. We are therefore excited to be at the
forefront of efforts to educate these young ones today”, she added.
In his comments at the Agbara factory, Mr Sola Ogunbor, the Program Manager Ogun
State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, said, “World Water Day is another
opportunity to emphasis the need for daily consumption of clean water in adequate
amounts for optimal hydration and healthy living. Children can contribute to accelerating
the needed change by adopting new behaviours on how they use, consume, and manage
water in their daily activities, to avoid wastage of this precious resource”.
On her part, Chinyelu Obrike, Head, Water Supply, FCT Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Agency said while speaking at the Nestlé’s factory in Abaji said, “Every action, no matter
how small, will make a difference. Children are agents of change. They are quick to learn
and eager to pass across messages learnt to their friends, parents, teachers and peers.
This educational advocacy will bring rapid transformative change needed to fast-track the
achievement of SDG 6 – water and sanitation for all. We are happy to be collaborating
with Nestlé Nigeria on this laudable initiative”.
Esther Samuel, a primary 5 pupil of Salvation Army School 1 Agbara, said, “I am very
happy to be part of this event. I really enjoyed the tour of the factory. I have learnt a lot
about how to use and conserve water, and not waste it. I am ready to practice what I have
been taught at home and I will definitely teach my siblings and friends all I have learnt. I
want to thank Nestlé and my school for giving me this interesting experience”.
Nestlé Nigeria is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. Caring
for water is one of the ways we do this.
We reach over 8,000 children annually with information on healthy hydration and water
conservation through the Nestlé for Healthier Kids initiative, a school-based nutrition
education program.
We also work with stakeholders and partners to increase access to clean, safe water,
sanitation, and hygiene facilities (WASH) for individuals and families as well as teachers
and students in schools within our communities.

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