TECNO has launched its first foldable smartphone device in Nigeria, called the Phantom V Fold, which comes with lots of tech innovations that will enhance customer experience.

The smartphone launch, which took place in Lagos last week, was designed to be the ultimate game changer in the smartphone industry, with dazzling displays of innovations. The launch attracted celebrities and industry titans who explored the Phantom V Fold’s capabilities first-hand.

Speaking about the features of the device, its Marketing Manager, Attai Oguche, said: “Once you unfold the device, you will be greeted by a stunningly expansive 7.85-inch primary display perfect for immersive gaming and productivity. The Phantom V Fold’s large battery can keep you powered up for hours. This revolutionary device will make waves in the world of mobile technology.”

Oguche took the audience through the essentials of the new device, and one thing that caught the attention of the audience was the fact that the new Phantom V Fold could be folded about 200,000 times, and there will be no crease, unlike the other devices in the same category.

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