Just like the gift that keeps giving, it’s been an unending drama on Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Abuja. Every new episode brings a new drama to light and sees the women not willing to back down for the other.

With eight episodes down, the show has been nothing short of exciting and the cast have given fans and lovers of reality TV a lot to talk about.

From Samantha’s mysterious ‘Bond Girl’ Party, Arafa’s drag queen party, Comfort’s hilarious diary sessions, Jaruma’s chaotic cameo, Princess Igbo themed party, and the unending brew between Arafa and Princess Jecoco, the fans have had a lot to talk about.

Some fans have picked their faves already and are not keeping quiet about it. Here are some of the reactions:

PearlNcumbe tweeted: “Comfort is a fave. Her confessionals and hilarious, and she’s super genuine.”

Timeyinxo tweeted “Comfort and Princess for me jare. Comfort is too funny and clueless about a lot of things and she’s willing to learn and step out of her comfort zone. Princess will gbas gbos in your face, she won’t do it behind you.

For Icekreem “Comfort is my favorite housewife, she’s funny without an effort, very classy, and truthful plus a good level of emotional intelligence.”

Another netizen, Alma Edmund, “There’s no way, literally no way anyone can hate Princess. And that’s on dot. Period. Caps lock hunnayyyyy. Comfort and Princess all the way for #RHOAbuja.”

While for Safieyahh, “Arafa’s my favorite…she’s by far the realest of all! I don’t even understand how someone you don’t know could *rubb you off the wrong way…#RHOAbuja”

Just like there are always two sides to a story, the fans too always drop their opinions on some of the fights that have happened on the show.

Ayomide_chelsea said “Arafa carried this age thing on her head and princess on the other hand will always speak up. Wahala! #RHOAbuja, the next episode looks like drama too. I am ready.

Dami also shared the same sentiment on the Princess-Arafa feud and tweeted, “At this point, I feel Arafa is feeling too entitled, Princess invites you out and even calls you repeatedly and you totally ignored her then show up to her party like nothing happened and called her a child. Arafa should grow up abeg, princess has tried enough.#RHOAbuja”

DRealHerjya tweeted “I really want to believe there are things that happened BTS for Tutu to hate Comfort and Arafa like this, if not she’s not okay at all. The OJ and Samantha that have loose mouths and told her business, she doesn’t have a problem with. So I’m confused.

The drama is definitely brewing and from some of the audience’s reactions, it’s safe to assume that The Real Housewives of Abuja is serving loads of drama, chaos, and everything that makes the franchise one of the most watched.

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