Nigeria’s leading hygiene brand, Dettol, has relaunched one of its soap category products, Dettol Cool with a new and improved formulation. The announcement was recently made at a press conference and internal engagement event held at the Reckitt Sub-Saharan Africa Headquarters in Lagos.  

As Dettol endeavours to keep Nigerians cool and refreshed all day, the newly improved Dettol Cool soap provides the triple benefits of protection against 99.9% of disease-causing germs, up to 5 degrees of cooling sensation, and protection against body odour. 

Speaking at the press conference and internal engagement event, Akbar Ali Shah, General Manager, Reckitt Sub Sahara Africa, said, “At Reckitt, we have a purpose, which is to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We also continually innovate to enable access of our high-quality health and hygiene products to every member of society. Our Dettol Cool bar soap is enriched with the power of menthol that helps to protect against bacteria and odour causing germs.   

“With this new product, we look forward to driving conversations on the importance of hygiene and keeping yourself healthy, especially after both high and low-intensity activities which cause you to sweat. In the long run, we aim to achieve a behavioural change towards good hygiene,” Shah concluded. 

Zara Adoki, Category Manager, Dettol Sub Saharan Africa, addressing the importance of the newly improved hygiene bar, affirmed that, “Dettol’s purpose is to protect life by making good hygiene simple to adopt. This is why we are excited to announce the launch of the brand-new Dettol 5C Cool. This innovative product is the result of years of research and development, and we are confident that it will be a game-changer in the hygiene industry.” 

“At Dettol, we understand the importance of good hygiene practices, especially in these challenging times. Our mission is to help our customers protect themselves and their loved ones from harmful germs and bacteria, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality products that meet their needs,” Adoki added. 

With the reintroduction of Dettol 5C Cool, Dettol has once again reinforced its commitment to protect consumers, promote good hygiene practices and inspire Nigerians to lead healthier lives — while keeping them cool and refreshed all day. 

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