Empire Media Group, Cameroun, Market Trends International, Accelerated Marketing, Heterogeneous Reach, and NOIPolls are among the winners of this year’s coveted award.

Others include Goodgate Finance, Linkpoint Resources, Stephanie John, Aviance Homes Limited among others also winning in different categories of the Africa Brand Awards. This revelation was made by the Project Director, Abidemi Adesanya, during a recent media chat in Lagos.

Adesanya also said that all the 2023 winners submitted their entries for the different categories won and rigorous reviews were done by the panel of jury before winners were announced.

We encourage other companies who submitted their entries but couldn’t win the award to try again next year and improve on their companies market relevance and strategic planning and business approach.

Past winners of the Award include Global Media Alliance, Ghana, Gotham Properties, Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc, CAP Plc, NNPC Pension Fund, Creditwise, Mantra Protection, Smathealth HMO, Proficient Capital, GDM Group, Clearline International, Nigerian International Securities Limited, First Katalyst Marketing to mention but few.

This year’s Award will witness the crowning of frontline brands in different sectors and countries in Africa

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