Ramadan, considered the most important month in Islam, comprises a 28 to 30 day period when adherents of the Islamic faith observe fasting, prayers, and spiritual reflection. Importantly, during Ramadan, Muslims are called on to engage in acts of charity and kindness in their communities. These acts of giving include sharing gifts and meals, especially at Sahur and Iftar.
By sharing meals and gifts with family members, friends, and the indigent members of the community during the holy month, individuals and groups strengthen family and community ties, build bonds, as well as empathize with the struggles of those who do not have enough to eat or drink.
To amplify the significance of this holy time of the year, Coca-Cola launched its thematic campaign reinforcing the importance of sharing this season. It’s campaign tagged, “This Ramadan, sharing makes us one”, focused primarily on individuals and groups who make an impact in their communities by prioritising other people’s needs above theirs.
For the 30 days of Ramadan, Coca-Cola excited its consumers across communities in the Northern and Western regions of Nigeria including Ibadan, the Oyo State capital; Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and Kano, in Kano State. The total beverage company, known for refreshing the world and promoting sharing and bonding occasions, not only celebrated the holy month with Muslims, but also created experiences around the season by distributing packages, comprising specially curated gift boxes, a month’s supply of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and selected groceries.
Led by prominent Muslim influencers across Ibadan, Abuja, and Kano, the campaign saw Popular Nollywood actor and producer, Femi Adebayo, distribute gift boxes to Muslims in Ibadan; renowned singer, Umar Sheriff, lead similar efforts in Abuja; while Kano-based film actor and director, Yakubu Mohammed, also made visits to selected consumers in Kano to engender the spirit of sharing.
Across the three cities selected for the campaign, thirty individuals and groups were presented with gift boxes throughout the month of Ramadan. This move by the beverage leader sought to demonstrate its appreciation to its valued consumers who continue to promote acts of kindness and philanthropy by supporting their communities with their talents and resources, culminating in notable impact across society.
Whether through volunteering, providing meals, funds or serving their communities in various capacities, these recipients have selflessly done their charitable acts for years, impacting the lives of several community members.
Odebode Hakeem, an educational consultant and resident of Ibadan who participated in the sharing experience, has facilitated scholarships for medical students. From 2002 to 2022, the Master’s degree holder from the University of Ilorin facilitated fully funded scholarships for 10 medicine and surgery students to Russia at no cost to the students. In addition, Hakeem assists and encourages aspiring students seeking to gain admission into higher institutions of learning in Nigeria.
Speaking on the gesture by Coca-Cola, Hakeem expressed gratitude to the brand saying, “This was a one-of-a-kind experience for me and I am truly grateful to Coca-Cola for extending a hand of kindness to me during this special time of the year; I implore others to follow in the example set by this great brand by showing kindness to people within your communities”.
Alhaja Saidat Adebayo, another Ibadan resident, is known to her community as one who continuously assists fellow residents by giving aims to the indigent members of the community, and makes Iftar for Muslims every Ramadan season at one of the mosques in the Oyo State capital.
With heartfelt thanks to Coca-Cola for the timely package, Adebayo said “A big thank you to Coca-Cola for this wonderful token. I have been a strong advocate of philanthropy and I encourage others to adopt an attitude of kindness wherever you find yourself, all for the good of our society. It feels good to be recognized and valued by this great brand”.
Feeding a group of people during the month of Ramadan can be financially draining. Yet, Imam Fuad Adeyemi’s organization has over the years hosted the biggest Ramadan feeding program in Abuja. Adeyemi’s organization feeds over 1,000 people daily during the holy month. In addition, his organization hosts several educative Islamic programs and the annual Ramadan lecture to enlighten Muslim faithfuls on television.
“You really can’t explain the joy experienced by putting smiles on the faces of people around you. For me, providing basic resources to those in need is a way of improving their welfare and helping our community by extension. I am thankful to Coca-Cola for acknowledging our efforts in making the Abuja community a better place”, Adeyemi said.
In the same vein, Khadija Kubura uses her talent not just to earn an income for herself, but also to improve the lives of the indigent in Abuja. The talented content creator established the ‘Feed a Stranger Foundation’ which caters to the underserved in the capital city both during and after Ramadan through the provision of meals and other amenities.
Kubura simultaneously creates and uploads content on the Islamic faith, thereby enlightening her audience on the teachings and practices, especially on what is expected of Muslim faithfuls during the month of Ramadan.
Desirous to see children excel and become great personalities for society, Surayya Muktar has for over two years tutored school children in Kano whose parents cannot afford to enrol them in formal schools. The private school teacher takes a special interest in helping students achieve academic excellence by providing extra lessons to school children free of charge.
Also noteworthy is Mubarak Usman, a community health worker who strives for a healthy population in his locale in Kano. To support this, Usman provides free or subsidized healthcare for patients who cannot afford treatment, and he has done this for over 10 years. Following receipt of the curated gift box, Usman expressed his appreciation and excitement for the surprising recognition from the leading brand.
Other recipients who spoke expressed their delight at the initiative and lauded Coca-Cola for appreciating their efforts. They registered their surprise around the recognition, noting that the gesture has spurred them to continue doing great work in their communities.
Speaking on the rationale behind the company’s presentation of gifts, the Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Yusuf Murtala, explained that the campaign sought to promote the spirit of sharing and togetherness as one of the core messages of Ramadan. 
“As a company, we understand the value of sharing and rewarding good deeds, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. We know that we have good people in our communities, all doing their part in making a difference across their different demographics. We will continue to support our consumers by making positive impact across the communities we call home”, he said.
To celebrate the end of the month of Ramadan, Coca-Cola wrapped up its campaign with an Eid celebration that hosted its consumers and members of the Kano community to a refreshing time with the leading brand.

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