A report presented at the annual Employee Place Industry Meet-Up has provided fresh insights into how Generation Z is shaping the future of the workplace.

The EMP, which is in its fifth year, held at the CIBN Bankers Hall, Lagos, brought together thought leaders to delve into Generation Z’s influence on the professional landscape.McKinsey & Company describes Generation Z as comprising people born between 1996 and 2010. This generation’s identity has been shaped by the digital age, climate anxiety, a shifting financial landscape, and COVID-19.The report presented at the event was the aftermath of a survey conducted with 1,000 professionals from various organisations, aimed at understanding Gen Z’s impact on key workplace dynamics including consumerism, innovation, sustainability, and leadership.

The study unveiled insightful data on how Gen Z integrates and influences the professional environment.A former Group Head of Brand and Marketing Communication at Polaris Bank and the event’s convener, Nduneche Ezurike, emphasised the crucial understanding of Generation Z as both a workforce and a consumer base. He said, “Insights from the survey revealed that a significant portion of Gen Z professionals feel empowered to share innovative ideas, signalling a shift towards more inclusive workplace cultures.

“However, traditional workplace norms present notable barriers, with a substantial number of respondents highlighting resistance to change, particularly in aligning with Gen Z’s sustainability values and digital consumer preferences.”The survey underscored Gen Z’s role as agents of change, with findings indicating a strong preference for digital consumption patterns and a call for workplaces to adapt to their sustainability and inclusivity expectations.It noted that despite those challenges, there was a positive outlook on Gen Z’s leadership, particularly in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a majority of respondents acknowledging their effectiveness in those areas.Panel discussions at the event amplified the conversation, with speakers advocating for the embrace of Gen Z’s unique contributions to innovation and ethical practices in business.

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