A Public Relation expert, Edward Israel-Ayide, Founder/Head of Communications and Strategy at Carpe Diem Solutions, a PR Agency, has said that the proper use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), will strengthen brand/consumer relationship.
The increasing presence of technology is fast reshaping the way businesses are conducted in today’s digital world, this has led brands to fashion out various ways to engage with their consumers and one of which is through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools.

To this end, Israel-Ayide noted that AI enables businesses to understand consumer behaviour, preferences and needs on a granular level. This knowledge allows for the creation of personalised and tailored experiences, from product recommendations to targeted marketing messages, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Speaking during his keynote address in a workshop organized by Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) to commemorate the annual World Consumer Rights Day, on Friday March 15, 2024 in Lagos, Israel-Ayide said the companies and organizations that succeed in this new era will be those that place consumer trust at the heart of their AI strategies.

He spoke on the title: “Winning consumer trust in an AI powered world.”

According to him, prioritizing fairness, transparency, and accountability isn’t simply a matter of good ethics; it’s a matter of sound business practice.

“The potential benefits are profound. By earning consumer trust, we forge meaningful, enduring relationships between businesses and those we serve. We also create a digital environment where innovation flourishes alongside a profound respect for consumer rights and well-being. As technologists, business leaders, and advocates, we must all commit to building a future where AI serves society equitably, works to empower individuals, and operates within a robust framework of ethical principles,” he said.

He pointed the concerns raised in some quarters on the use of AI noting that, as important as the tool is, trust is very essential in its usage.

“AI is not coming to take over our job but a tool to enhance it. Although, there are increasing risk in their usage but, the path forward lies in adopting and upholding fair and responsible AI principles. Fairness compels us to mitigate biases that may exist within our datasets. Algorithms must be rigorously tested to ensure they do not replicate or amplify existing societal inequalities. The recent trend of HR departments deploying AI tools to decipher who qualifies to be interviewed for jobs has raised worrying issues of algorithms sideling candidates it didn’t believe fit into a certain criteria and stereotype of a class of people that qualify to be interviewed as this is a dangerous form of bias that may not be in the interest of the employing organizations.

“Transparency has become paramount. Companies must now clarify how AI systems operate, how data is used, and how AI-powered decisions are reached. This openness empowers consumers with understanding and fosters a vital sense of agency. Efforts like Microsoft’s “Map, Measure, Manage framework” exemplify how transparency can strengthen brand loyalty”.

On the role of marketing professionals and the media, he advised that they play a crucial role in championing responsible AI practices by ensuring that AI-driven initiatives align with ethical standards and consumer expectations. They can also advocate for transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI deployment, guiding decision-making processes to prioritize consumer trust and privacy.

The World Consumer Rights Day, is celebrated globally every March 15, to draw attention to the rights of the consumers and to raise awareness about consumer rights and empower individuals with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions in the marketplace.

The theme for this year is: FAIR AND RESPONSIBLE AI FOR CONSUMERS.

The workshop held at the Heineken hall, Nigeria Breweries Plc, Abebe Village Road, Iganmu Lagos, was supported by brewery giant, Nigerian Breweries, Nestle Nigeria, Ritefoods and Chain Reaction, one of the leading PR firm.

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