Last night saw the launch of the eagerly awaited DStv Chasing the Sun 2. It was preceded by DStv’s viral campaign, #SACMAD – South African Crying Men’s Awareness Day.

Since its launch, on 21 March, the Chasing the Sun 2 spoof hit one million views in its first 24 hours and today it has over three million views.

Created by spoof masters, Retroviral and Panther Punch Productions for DStv, the campaign is based on the insight that men cry less than women, but that South African men will cry when watching Chasing the Sun 2.

“The American Psychological Association states that women cry emotional tears 30-64 times, annually, while men – globally – cry an average five-17 times per annum,” explains co-creator, Glen Biderman-Pamco, Panther Punch Productions director.

Biderman-Pamco says that currently, South Africans are all going through a lot, so much so that South African men need a good cry. “The campaign encourages men to have a good-old, cathartic cry when they watch Chasing the Sun 2.”

So, the team labelled 24 March, the day that Chasing the Sun 2, launched on DStv, #SACMAD – South African Crying Men’s Awareness Day – and encouraged South African men to let it all out.

As Biderman-Pamco puts it, “Be there – with a box of tissues – for a South African man who needs to let it out this Sunday; let’s have a collective cry – stronger teargether.”

As the spoof video suggests, ‘So here’s to you, guys; the ugly criers, the single tearers, the infants, and the stone walls… We encourage you to just let it all out on #SACMAD.”

Chasing the Sun 2 premiered on M-Net, DStv Channel 101, on Sunday 24 March 8 pm and is available on Catchup.

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