Lagos State and Verve Card, in collaboration with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA), have advanced their partnership aimed at enhancing the LASRRA card, known as LAG ID, into a smart card capable of serving identification and payment functions.

With the involvement of Sterling Bank, the partnership has maintained its momentum, with the distribution of hundreds of thousands of LAG IDs to Lagos State residents ongoing.

The Verve-Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) partnership has enabled an upgrade of the LASRRA card (known as LAG ID) into a smart card, enabling residents to use their cards for identification and payments. The partnership, also involving Sterling Bank, has continued to make progress as hundreds of thousands of the LAG IDs have been distributed to residents of Lagos State.

In a statement, Verve, a payment card and digital token brand, reaffirms its commitment to continued collaborating with the Lagos State Government in developing cutting-edge solutions to enhance the digital payment experience for both Lagos residents and Verve cardholders.

Managing Director at Verve International, Vincent Ogbunude said: “At Verve, we are dedicated to working with Lagos government and empowering Lagos residents through strategic partnerships that redefine their digital payment experience. By leveraging partnerships, we are providing residents with cutting-edge payment solutions that enhance convenience, security, and accessibility, ultimately shaping a brighter financial future for all.”

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