The Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) has announced an increase in the prices of its products from Saturday, April 6, 2024, amid the high cost of doing business in the country.

A circular sent to its distributors in the Lagos region and signed by its Sales Director for Greater Lagos, Mr Samuel Oluwatoye, said the action was taken due to the “current economic reality and operational costs driven by currency devaluation and raw material price increases, coupled with our aim to remain competitive.”

He added that the upward price adjustment affects its soft drinks packaged in Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) and not those in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

It was revealed that its 29cl-30cl RGB Schweppes will now be sold at a retail price of N150 and N2,300 for a pack of 24 bottles instead of the old price of N2,100.

Its 35cl RGB Coke Zero, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero and Limca will now sell for N150 per bottle, while the 35cl RBG Sugar Coke, Fanta and Sprite will sell for N200 each and N3,200 for a pack of 24 bottles, with the 50cl RBG Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Limca will now go for N250 per bottle and N4,400 for a crate of 24 bottles versus its previous price of N4,000.

NBC further disclosed in the notice that for its juice brands, the 30cl PET Pulpy Orange, Pulpy Lemon, and Mango Bits, the new price is N500 and N4,100 for a pack of 12 bottles.

The 35cl PET Tropical JD will also sell for N500, while the 78cl PET Berry Blast and Citrus Burst will sell for N1,100 each and the pack of six bottles is now N4,900 instead of the old price of N4,150.

It said the 85cl PET Pulpy Orange, Pulpy Lemon, Mango Bits and 90cl PET Tropical JD will now sell for the price of Berry Blast 78cl PET.

As for its 50cl PET Eva water, the new price is N150 per bottle and N1,150 for a pack of 12 bottles, while the 75cl PET Eva bottle is now N200 and N1,650 for a pack of 12 bottles, with the 1.5 litres PET Eva water will now go for N300 and N2,500 for a pack of 12 bottles.

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