The Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Sanwo-Olu, has called for synergy in the public sector for the benefit of the citizens.

He made this call at the 30th anniversary of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group held in the Lagos Business School on Thursday.

The anniversary was themed “In the National Interest: Reflecting on the Past, Reimagining the Future”.

He said, “One of the ideas that the public sector needs to improve on, especially internally, is synergy, having various actors on the same page, overcoming what I call the impulse to pursue a collective agenda of service and benefits to the citizens.

“I believe NESG can stay for a long time, and we will all work with you to achieve that. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group should deepen the public’s awareness of its work.”

He noted that the group had become an important feature and critical intercession hub for both public and private sector intervention in our country.

Recounting history, Sanwo-Olu said,” We are all commiserations of the legacies of the people who started this enduring vision. From the very beginning, NESG was conceived to bring together the public and private sectors in our country in an ongoing dialogue, to shape influence, and to create a thriving, competitive, and successful Nigerian economy.

“So, the bridging and reconnection work NESG has done over the past three decades is, in fact, as a whole effort to impose the intellectually driven economic order on a drifting dissolution nation at that time. Years later, NESG has become the most influential institution, enabling the most impactful reforms that the country is experiencing.

“We have come a long way from military rule to celebrating this year, the unprecedented feat of 25 years of unbroken democracy rule. Imagining and visioning is a central pack that NESG has been called to dominate.”

The governor further urged for the gospel of collaboration to be leveraged to maximise opportunities.

He added, “We are not yet where we want to be; mind you, we are not also where we should be. We must continue to set goals to inspire ourselves to do better and be better as a nation. We may not achieve the target according to the timeliness of our vision, but that should not be an excuse for us.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group Board of Directors, Niyi Yusuf, said the group was ready to continue its collaborative efforts with the private sector and international community.

He noted, “NESG is also ready to continue its collaborative efforts with the three arms of national and sub-national governments, the private sector, and the international community to propel Nigeria to a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future.

“It is crucial to note that the vision, mission, and mandate of the NESG have never been more critical and needed in the country.”

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