ESG Africa Events, the organisers of the ESG Africa Conference, in partnership with Moore Global are thrilled to announce the launch of the ESG Africa Confidence Index, a pivotal new survey. This comprehensive index is tailored to evaluate the extent of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration within companies throughout Africa, with the aim of advancing sustainable development across the continent.
The ESG Africa Confidence Index: A benchmark for sustainable business practices across Africa
About the ESG Africa Confidence Index

The ESG Africa Confidence Index delves into the practical application of ESG frameworks within African businesses, government institutions and other organisations, examining how these practices are integrated into operations and strategy. The index also assesses leadership commitment to ESG initiatives and explores the strategies organizations employ to weave ESG principles into their operational fabric. Furthermore, the survey identifies the primary challenges and opportunities in ESG implementation, while providing insights into current and emerging trends across a diverse range of industries and company sizes.

“The ESG Africa Confidence Index represents a significant step forward in our understanding of how African companies are adopting and implementing sustainable practices” said Jeff Blackbeard, director of sector and markets at Moore Global. “We are at a critical juncture where integration of ESG can determine the competitive edge and sustainability of businesses on the global stage.”
The value of participation

By participating in the ESG Africa Confidence Index, organisations not only benchmark their own ESG performance but also contribute to a collective understanding of the ESG landscape on the continent. This collective insight is vital for identifying best practices and fostering improvement across sectors.

“Through participation in this index, we can collectively paint a clearer and more comprehensive picture of ESG advancements in Africa,” remarked Joshua Low, director at ESG Africa Events. “This initiative is not just about assessment; is about setting a roadmap for future sustainability in business practices across our diverse continent.”

We encourage organisations from across Africa to participate in this unique survey, helping to redefine the parameters of sustainable business practices on the continent.


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