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Adopt customer-centric data to improve experience – Ogunseye

by Goddy Ofose
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Ladi Ogunseye, the Chief Marketing Officer, Canary Point Corporate Services, has challenged marketing professionals to adopt a customer-centric data model as a catalyst to create a superior-level experience for customers around their products and services to enable the engagement at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

The digital marketing expert made this statement in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE, while advising brand builders and marketers to develop a data-driven approach as a means of harnessing the consumer experience journey in a more customized and personalized engagement.

“The first step is for marketing professionals to understand their business and which data point is critical to their business. For example, if you run a tech driven business, it means that definitely, you need to collect different forms of data, and you need to understand which data will enable you to plan and create unique user experiences. The critical part is that a lot of people think of it in the short term, but you need to look at it beyond that. Ask yourself, from 3 to 5 years, what kind of data will I be requiring to communicate and engage my customers?” he said.

According to Mr. Ogunseye, adopting a customer-centric data approach will also help marketers in improving operational efficiency while arriving at a faster, smarter and accurate decision making in decoding consumer’s appropriate needs in a customized and personalized format. He reiterated that such an approach aimed at delivering deeper insights that will translate into a more trusting relationship and loyalty as well as boost return on investment.

He urged marketers and business owners to optimise data in predicting trends and patterns and also in identifying potential buyers and evolving consumer behaviours.

“There are also some predictive tools that you can deploy that can predict behaviours based on the kind of behaviours that the users exhibit. So you design tools for predictive analysis to help you to predict their behaviours on a monthly or yearly basis.

The fintech marketing leader also emphasized the need for marketing experts to focus on each customer’s lifetime value rather than short-term profits, by including value at the core of the services rendered to consumers to stimulate their touch points.

The Conary Point CMO, however, noted that Nigeria is still grappling with lots of challenges such as poor internet connectivity, sub-standard smart phones and others.

“Right now, I can tell you that there is no trust and there is also what we call low data usage. Data is expensive in Nigeria and many people are using low quality smart phones and low megabytes smart phones. What this means is that you as a marketing professional in a digital world cannot create a product that is heavy, that people will need 50-100mb to download. When you look at the market, you will realize that most popular apps in Nigeria are light apps such as Tik Tok lite, Facebook lite, Google lite, and YouTube lite. This is because users want to find a way to also enjoy these apps in a way that does not take a lot of data from them.

Mr. Ogunseye, who is also the president of Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria (DMPN), explained that the deployment of 5G in August this year will act as a catalyst in refining and improving data usage thereby creating a more accurate targeting and meaningful customer experience in terms activations and other marketing strategies.

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