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Airtel Nigeria passes Emeka Oparah’s functions to Erhumu Bayagbon

by Goddy Ofose
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Following Emeka Oparah’s promotion as Vice President Corporate Communication & CSR, Airtel Africa Plc with responsibility for 14 countries, Airtel Nigeria has elected to elevate Erhumu Bayagbon to replace Oparah’s for the Nigerian operation.

Prior to his new portfolio, Erhumu was the PR manager at Airtel Nigeria and would be performing Oparah’s role in Nigeria Airtel while he awaits official confirmation of the position as VP Communications & CSR, Airtel Nigeria.

Now, Erhumu will oversee all functions Opara’s was saddled with while in Nigeria operations which include communications and corporate social responsibility.

Announcing his new role, Oparah in his Facebook handle write “Erhumu Bayagbon has stepped into my role in Airtel Nigeria. He ticked all the boxes. He has my blessings. I ask for your support and prayers. The rest is now up to him and his Maker. I wish him well-and look forward to his confirmation on the role. May God grant him the WISDOM and BANDWIDTH to do better than me,” he wrote.

Erhumu specialises in creating compelling corporate and brand stories to drive change, inspire positive behavior and help build a better society for one and all.

Hence, as a corporate organization strives to fill a need or solve a problem, its stories if well told, can motivate those in its stakeholder value chain to push for a sustainable agenda that the society will be better for.

According to Erhuma, “I am that unique corporate and brand storyteller that can spin a powerful narrative with goals that transcend helping an organization to tell its stories and building excellent relationship with its most esteemed stakeholders.

With over 15 years’ professional experience across media, telecommunications, financial technology and sustainability, I am wired to pioneer best practices that would inspire individuals and companies to action, leading to a better country, continent and world.”

As part of my career highlights, he said “I have developed concepts and implemented strategies that empowered over 2.3 million Nigerians, built several award-winning brands and ran a Public Relations campaign that helped deepen mobile broadband penetration in Nigeria.

Through the course of my work, I have learnt how to be resilient and maintain goodwill while managing crisis situations such as employee and employer’s dispute, board and management squabbles, insurgency, restructuring, complicated customer service issues, high profile sponsored public attack and anti-competition activities, among others.”

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