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Amina Mohammed, Lerato Molebatsi, Toyin Saraki, Zain Asher, others commemorate International Women’s Day with Adebola Williams   

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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In commemoration of International Women’s Day, media entrepreneur, author, and CEO of RED | For Africa, Adebola Wiliams hosted notable personalities at an exclusive dinner event at the EbonyLife Place, Victoria Island, Lagos.   

Themed’ An evening with African Power Girls’, the event was a gathering of 100 of some of the most powerful women in Africa to connect and discuss how to build the next generation of African Power Girls. The event also underscores the need to intensify efforts to eliminate the strains of inequality and gender bias in society.     

“It is only with women and girls at the centre of our efforts that we have the best chance to succeed in addressing our current and pressing global challenges; from the climate emergency to gender-based violence, political divisions and to a sustainable recovery from this global pandemic,” said Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations. “The SDGs reflect the commitment made by member states in this region over the past forty years thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of women activists and feminist movements.   

“On this International Women’s Day let’s recommit our energies to achieving true and irreversible gender inequality because we all benefit when women have the opportunity to lead and to rise for all,” she concluded.   

Re-emphasising how gender parity is essential to create a sustainable future, Lerato Molebatsi, Non-Executive Director, Adrian Group, Kenya, said, “Achieving all-round, sustained development in society requires achieving parity in every stratum of every organisation – be it in government or private. Women and men both have invaluable contributions to make that bear the unique imprints coloured by gender characteristics and tendencies. Without these imprints, society is bound to be lopsided.”   

Just like Adebola Williams’ 3-volume compendium of stories of African sheroes, this year’s International Women’s Day – as Amina Mohammed stated – “aims at recognising and celebrating the contribution and those sacrifices of women and girls who are leading efforts for women’s right for a more sustainable and climate-resilient feature.”   

The exclusive dinner, with The Platform Capital and Unilever’s Knorr as partners, also had in attendance Dr Ajoritsedere Awosika, Chairman, Access Bank Plc; Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye, Founder, Nike Arts Gallery; Charlotte Osei, Director, Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa; Joke Silva, Co-Founder, Lufodo Group; Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, Deputy Managing Director, Falcon Corporation Limited; Soromidayo George, Director Corporate Affairs & Sustainable Business, Unilever, West Africa; Funke Feyisitan Ladimeji, Executive Director at Coronation Merchant Bank.   

Adebola Williams’ 3-volume book, African Power Girls, chronicles the stories of past and present African females and warriors who have shaped societies. 

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