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Bigi powered Nigerian Idol contestants had a fun-filled day visiting Rite Foods, applaud brand sponsorship

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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…Gifted with lots of freebies

It was a fun-filled day for the top six contestants of the Bigi sponsored Nigerian Idol, on Friday, on their visit to Rite Foods Limited, as a demonstration of their appreciation for the company’s support for promoting entertainment and talent discovery in the country, through its 13 variants of Bigi carbonated soft drink which have set the pace in the beverage industry of Africa’s largest economy.

The contestants who got the judges and audience captivated with their performances on Sunday, 24 April, 2022, comprises the young singers, Jordan, Zadok, Itohan, Progress, Banty, and Faith, and with much joy, they applauded the Bigi brand of the Truly World-class company for the warm reception accorded to them and for the talent discovery platform, Nigerian Idol.

The well-liked show which will culminate with a grand finale on 20 May, will see the winner going home with N100, 000, 000 worth of prizes, including a recording deal from a label, a brand-new Sports Utility Vehicle [SUV], cash prizes, and other exciting gifts.

While admonishing the contestants to be on top of the game, as the next music Idol, Rite Foods’ Asst. Brand Manager, Boluwatife Adedugbe, urged them to always stay refreshed with the award-winning Bigi soft drink variants and its Table Water which are produced with the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the different taste of consumers, who have been rejuvenated in their sphere of endeavours.

She also likened the Bigi qualities to the same consciousness and lion mentality of I CAN, I AM of Rite Foods which has led to the production of other brands such as the Rite sausages and the Fearless energy drinks, comprising the Fearless Classic and Fearless Red Berry.

Adedugbe encouraged the young contestants to be creative with a strong commitment to what they do, as that will spur them to the end of the show and ultimately for the prize.

Indeed, the visit was an exciting moment as the contestants made known their favourite Bigi variants. For Progress, his favourite Bigi variant is the Bigi Orange; the sweetness and being a fruit variant are what shaped his taste. According to him, the orange variant stands for fruitfulness which literarily invigorates his sweet performance on stage.

Faith stands with the uniqueness of the refreshing taste of the Bigi Ginger Ale, which gives her a clear voice and elusive renditions on stage. Jordan reaffirmed his likeness for the sweetened taste of the Bigi Cherry-cola, as it synergised with his sonorous vocals on the reality show.

Zadok remains bold in his taste as he confessed his indomitable love for the Bigi Tamarind. According to him, the energising taste of the Bigi Tamarind enlivens his electrifying performances at the Nigerian Idol show. Itohan settles for the fresh taste of the Bigi Cherry-Cola, While Banty remains emotionally attached to her Bigi Chapman.

One of the highlights of the visit was the presentation of personalised gift items and a cash prize of N200,000 to each contestant, and it was characterised by fun and action-packed, as Bigi, the headline sponsor of the show, engaged the young singers in games and singing competition.

They also performed in unison with the electrifying tune of “Bigi Dey for You”, and thrilled like never before, showcasing their sonorous vocal strength with a mind-blowing rendition. The contestants also lauded the company’s relentless support for talent discovery and development in the country.

Termed as Naija’s favourites by consumers and with its larger market share, the Bigi variants include the Bigi Cola, Bigi Cherry Cola, Bigi Cola (zero sugar), Bigi Ginger Ale, Bigi Orange, Bigi Apple, Bigi Bitter Lemon, Bigi Soda Water, Bigi Lemon & Lime, Bigi Tropical, Bigi Chapman, Bigi Ginger Lemon, Bigi Tamarind, and Bigi Zero Cola.

Proudly sponsored by the brand, the talent discovery platform is aired on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153, and GOtv Supa channel 6) and Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2).

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