To continue providing easier access to daily essentials such as food, the leading mobility platform in Africa, Bolt has expanded its food delivery service in Lagos. Launched in 2021, Bolt Food provides customers with competitively affordable and efficient food delivery service, while offering good working conditions to food couriers and profit to restaurant partners.

At its initial launch, customers could only place food orders from over 100 restaurants in Lagos Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki. With the expansion, customers can now access restaurants and food service in the Yaba and Surulere areas of Lagos. Bolt is looking to add new restaurants to the app daily while also recently expanding to Ilupeju, Gbagada, Ikeja and other parts of Lagos Mainland. With over 30 million customers worldwide, Bolt has built its ride-hailing and food service platforms efficiently to offer the best services, positioning the company as a leader in Nigeria’s mobility sector. The company extended its expertise to food delivery to advance the sector with innovation and technology.

Speaking on the launch, Bolt Food Manager, Sola Masha, said, “When we launched Bolt Food in 2021, we wanted to help Nigerians order food from their favourite restaurants and receive it quickly and safely at their home or office. This expansion is an extension of our commitment to providing easier access to essentials such as food to Nigerians. We are looking to expand quickly and ensure that our partner restaurants benefit from our loyal customer base. This is also a way for us to augment the earning opportunities for Nigerians by ensuring that it is worthwhile for couriers on the platform.”

To place an order, users can download the Bolt Food application on their smartphone, with an array of different restaurants and available menu options to choose from. The application also provides customers with various price ranges and an estimated delivery time. Payments can be paid like the Bolt ride-hailing platform, and customers can specify the location for contactless delivery drop-offs upon order arrival.

Bolt Food was first launched in Estonia in August 2019. The service is also available in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. Restaurants and couriers can sign up on the website The expansion of Bolt Food in Nigeria will help restaurants have a broader reach to customers, with Bolt acting as a reliable platform for affordable delivery and efficient service.

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