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Bolt introduces vehicle branding initiative for drivers in SA

by Kikelomo Oyenuga
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In a move to empower its driver-partners and enhance their earning potential, Bolt South Africa has partnered with MyNextCar to offer drivers the option to brand their Bajaj Qute vehicles with the Bolt logo to operate in the Bolt Lite category.

Drivers who choose to brand their vehicles will receive an additional income as an incentive, providing them with a valuable opportunity to supplement their earnings and improve their financial stability.

The introduction of the branded category represents a significant advancement in Bolt’s commitment to supporting its driver-partners and fostering economic empowerment within the gig economy.

By offering drivers the opportunity to earn additional income through vehicle branding, Bolt aims to incentivise them to provide exceptional service while further strengthening their connection to the Bolt brand.

Commenting on the initiative, Sandra Suzanne Buyole, PR manager, Africa at Bolt, says: “We are excited to introduce branded vehicles for drivers in South Africa. This initiative not only allows us to enhance the visibility of the Bolt brand but also provides drivers with an additional source of income. At Bolt, we are committed to supporting our driver-partners and providing them with innovative opportunities to succeed in the ride-hailing industry.”

The Bajaj Qute is a compact and fuel-efficient vehicle that is well-suited for urban mobility, offering passengers a reliable mode of transport.

With the option to brand their vehicles, drivers can now showcase their affiliation with Bolt while providing passengers with a seamless ride experience.

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