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Brand distinction as a tool for loyalty and sales. The Viva Story

by Kola Bola
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Few months ago, I stumbled on a brand which by my estimation had little or no recognition. I had visited the market to get some household products as we were running out of stock at home. On my checklist included home care products such as bar soap and detergent whose choice of brand I never had to ponder on as I had one already as favorite.

But the store owner felt otherwise as she introduced a new brand to me for trial. At first, I had maintained a hardline position on my preferred choice but the intervention by another customer was enough to make me accept to take up the challenge.

And guess what, the new ‘bride’ that these brand enthusiasts wanted me to court was ‘VivaPlus’, a detergent soap from the stable of Aspira Nigeria Limited, a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal health care and laundry products based in Kano, Nigeria.

My first user experience of the product was to say the least magical and exciting as I didn’t have to wait for too long to confirm all that had been said about the effectiveness of the product

Upon using the product, I got an inviting fragrance that lasted for so long that I almost contemplated doing the laundry all day.

This reminded me of the good old days when Sunlight too once enjoyed such acceptance among the elites owing to its alluring scent and perfume. And so, for Viva, its unique selling pointhas no doubt made it distinct on the minds of its consumers including me. As I speak, the product has remained a staple on my wish list since the discovery, prompting me to also enlist friends and families who have now seen what I once saw.

The soap is known to clean clothes at less cost playing the role of super clean and super saver to perfection. Its easy clean formula cleans tough stains, removes mal-odour, brightens whites giving them a long-lasting floral fragrance. Add to these is the unique benefit of having the longest expiry period of two years.

So, with its distinct brand identity, Viva has now been able to attract loyalty, trust, sales and profits which no doubt are important parameters of successful businesses

The concept of brand distinction is known to be created through any of the following components that include positioning, visual, services/products, perception, experience, public relation, social media and industry.

Meanwhile, among these components, the quality of the service or product is believed to be most important as it either makes or breaks a brand identity. What this means is that one needs to create a good product if the brand is to stand out as it is wrong to make a bad product and then label it as a cheap, low-quality brand.

Take the Viva Plus detergent soap for instance, with the quality and attractiveness of the product, a loyal customer base must have been created as  there is now a mad rush for the product upon recommendation by existing users.

Although there have been many detergent soaps prior to the arrival of Viva Plus, the quality and uniqueness of Viva Plus makes it stand out among its competitors. And so, as brand identity is necessary for every brand, brand distinction is believed to be the only way to achieve it and this is what Aspira has been able to successfully do with Viva Plus

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