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Cadana partners Flutterwave on expansion in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Cadana, a salary on-demand startup said it has expanded operations into Nigeria following a strategic partnership with Flutterwave, a payments technology company in Africa.

A statement said Cadana helps businesses support their employees by providing modern payroll platforms that allow employees access to their earned salary on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Following this partnership, Flutterwave processes payments for employers and employees on Cadana.

The statement said, “Unexpected bills can leave employees in Africa in distress, distracting them from their day-to-day activities.

“The alternatives would be short term loans which could go up to 300 per cent in interest rates with unsuitable loan-repayment systems.

“Over 400m workers in Africa will benefit from a platform that offers them real-time access to their earned wages, following employer approvals.

“Companies that use Cadana are able to allow their employees access their earned wages digitally on-demand, instead of having to wait at the end of the month.”

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Cadana Albert Owusu-Asare, said, “The banking, startups, telecoms, education, governmental and non-governmental institutions etc. and indeed all businesses in Nigeria have a large employee-base that we can serve with our modern salary-on-demand payroll management platform.

“Our work in Ghana helped us take feedback from businesses and employees and improve our solution. People managers and business owners wanted a solution that could make their employees more comfortable, reduce money troubles month-on-month and empower them to do more with their wages.”

Co-Founder and CTO, Ameer Shujjah said, “Integrating with Flutterwave was easy and offers us more flexibility than imagined. We are excited to be in Nigeria with their help and as we continue our growth and expansion journey, we hope to continue counting on their help to empower African workers.”

According to the statement, Flutterwave said, “We are excited to enable startups like Cadana to expand swiftly and quickly across Africa.

“Cadana’s work providing real time salary access to employees across Africa is commendable and we’re glad that they’re fulfilling their mission on Flutterwave.”

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