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Eloswag becomes the first BBNaija Level Up Hoh

by Goddie Ofose
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The Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemates held their first Head of House games at 7 pm this evening, and the viewers were in for yet another surprise this season. The game was the first time all 24 housemates met each other.

When the show premiered over the weekend, Big Brother divided the housemates into two levels of 12 housemates each. Each member of the different groups only knew one other person in the other group before the evening’s head-of-house game.

Big Brother explained that there were two games the housemates would play simultaneously to determine the first Head of House. The game’s winner would earn privileges, including bragging rights as the first Head of House and immunity from the week’s eviction. Also, the winner’s exemption would cover their house level. That meant that if a housemate from level one or two won the game, all members of the same level house were immune from the week’s eviction.

Big Brother also announced that the housemate with the worst performance would take the title, Tail of the house, which comes with some rewards or responsibilities.

In the first challenge, there were 24 bowls filled with 30 ping pong balls and next to the filled bowls were open-cut pipes which housemates used to transfer the ping pong balls to the empty bowls in front of them.

Each housemate could only use one hand to move one ping pong ball at a time, and the only times they were allowed to use their hands was to place the ball on the pipe. Housemates caught using their hands outside putting the ball on the tube would automatically be disqualified. Biggie also noted that housemates who allowed their balls to fall off the pipe would be disqualified.

They were allotted three minutes to move the balls from one bowl to the other. Five housemates to successfully transfer most or all the balls would automatically move to the next challenge. In the absence of the completion of the challenge by any housemate, Big Brother would then consider the housemates with the best attempts.

At the end of the three-minute game, Big Brother disqualified Bella, Christy O, Daniella, Diana, Phyna, Hermes, Groovy, and Giddyfia from the HOH games for flouting the rules. Big Brother also conferred the title of Tail of the House to Bella for making the least attempt at completing the game. He announced that he would reveal her reward or responsibilities later.

Khalid, Bryann, Eloswag, Cyph, and Dotun successfully passed the first challenge and qualified for the next round. For the next round of games, Big Brother asked the qualified housemates to pick two bottles of cashew nuts, each standing by one of the five stools and at the sound of the buzzer, they were required to pour the cashew nuts into an empty bowl without breaking the bottle. They were allotted one minute. At the sound of the second buzzer, they were to stop pouring the cashew.

After the second buzzer, Dotun and Khalid were disqualified from the second round after flouting the instruction. Cyph, Eloswag, and Bryann were the last three standing. As per Big Brother’s instruction, each contestant went to the electronic scale to weigh their bowl. Cyph’s bowl weighed 225 grams, Bryan bowl’s weighed 371, and Eloswag’s bowl weighed 430 grams.

As the housemate with the heaviest bowl, Eloswag won the round and became the first Head of House of BBNaija Level Up. Only the HoH has the power to nominate. The rest of the housemates may suggest or advise him on who to select for possible eviction. The HOH is not allowed to mention or insinuate who their choice is until called to the diary room. But in yet another twist, Biggie revealed to the new HoH that there won’t be any nominations this week and asked him to keep it a secret from the other housemates.

Eloswag belongs to House Level 1, meaning that all the housemates in the level are safe from eviction this week.

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