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Five electric elements to expect at tonight’s Legend/Star Radler we’re outside mix party tonight 

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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After going through a roller coaster of a weekday filled with multiple deadlines, traversing the bustling traffic that paints the Lagos rush hours, sleeping late at night and springing out of bed like an early bird, we all can agree that this section of the week is highly dreaded. 
The weekend, however, allows many of us to escape and live in the moment. For some, it is all about staying indoors, for others, it’s a free pass to an adventure of discovering new fun spots that uniquely tell our stories. Lagos provides this canvas. 
Tonight, Nigerian Breweries set aside the evening to host its Legend Extra Stout and Star Radler We’re Outside Mix Party for fun-seekers, and introverts who, from time to time, elope from their private spaces to thrill the senses. 

Here are some of the highlights that await you:

Sizzling Performances
Lined up for the evening is a series of performances that would take your stress level from 100 to zero. With some of the brightest up-and-coming and a select established stars serving tunes to ride into the night. It will be a night (with the stars) to remember. 

Situated at the Moist Beach Club, the concert opens you to a world of nature, with the cool breeze from the Atlantic, and a setting filled with warm neon light to calm the nerves. It doubles as an escape paradise. 

Great food
What’s a Lagos party or concert without great food to munch on? We’ll pass! Good food goes well with everything. 

Unlimited refreshments 
At the Legend/Star Radler We’re Outside Mix Party, there is something for everyone —provided you are over 18 years old— ranging from the rich-tasting Legend Extra Stout to the zest and tart that describes the Star Radler variants. 

A Surprise Announcement 
Be one of the first to catch wind of plans of the Nigerian Breweries. On that night, it plans to unveil something big. Be part of the story as history is being made. 

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