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Five things we expect to see on Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Lagos

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Showmax announced the premiere season of The Real Housewives of Lagos last week and we have not been able to get over the anticipation. The cast reveal and teaser video heightened the anticipation. It gave us all the good feelings.

Here are 5 things we expect to see on the premiere season of RHOLagos:

Premium Drama:

What is a Real Housewives show without drama? We are here for all of it. Those kinds that involve sipping tea and drinking bottles of wine.

Just take a look at the cast, they look like they are coming to dish all the premium entertainment there is and we are ready to receive it.

High Fashion

High-class Lagos women are known for their good fashion. From stepping out in known designers to gracing the red carpet with outfits that break the internet and just being fly on social media, we are convinced these women are coming to dish the fashion.

We are ready to take notes and screenshots of the beautiful outfits that will be gracing our screens

Lit Parties:

Have you ever been to a Lagos party? If you have, you’ll understand Lagos does not play when it comes to the party department. Lagosians are always ready to boogie down and know how to have a good time.

We are not expecting anything less from The Real Housewives of Lagos


You know what it means when you get on a private jet? Travel! From the RHOLagos teaser, we saw the housewives getting on a private jet and we cannot wait to go on those trips with them from our screens.

Heavy display of wealth:

It is about to rain bling bling everywhere. Lagosians are not known to be humble when it comes to showing off their wealth in whichever way they can.

We cannot wait to see how the women are going to oppress us with their wealth. We are ready.

The Real Housewives of Lagos will be streaming from the 8th of April, exclusively on Showmax. You can watch it and other interesting content for as low as N1,200.

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