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Five ways to beat inflation and stay entertained in 2024

by Kikelomo Oyenuga
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It’s 2024, and you still have not started strategising about how to cut costs. The country’s current economic situation is giving ‘wahalurr energy’, and we all have shown displeasure one way or the other. Still, let’s be honest; the most viable possible solution right now is to learn to cut costs.

It does not mean that you should not enjoy this period. We understand that mental health and care are critical, so you must engage with things that keep you entertained. There are several ways to be entertained without breaking the bank.

Here are five ways in which you could stay entertained while beating inflation in 2024;

Reduce outings and eat in:

One sentence to remember during this period is, “There is rice at home.” Rather than spending money ordering food or going to restaurants, it is time to remember that bag of rice you got in that Christmas hamper and enjoy it in the comfort of your home, with either some music, a movie, or whatever you like. This way, you save on transportation cost and the meal prices outside. You could also spice things up by trying new recipes at home. If you need inspiration or new recipes, a riveting food channel like Food Network (DStv Channel 175) should be handy.

Escape reality with binge fests of favourite shows or movies:

You could enjoy movies and premium entertainment in the comfort of your home with nonstop entertainment at your fingertips on DStv with awesome Africa Magic series like The Theory of Breakfast, Masquerades of Aniedo, Manfriend, Checkout, Unscripted, Kadara, and so much more. Series like Wura, Cheta M and Flawsome on Showmax are not to be missed either. Showmax and DStv offer a wide range of entertainment options from movies to sports to fashion and lifestyle shows and pretty much anything you want. And the best part is “NEPA” doesn’t get to cramp your style because you can watch your favourite DStv shows via the DStv Stream App at no additional cost. The app is available for download on the Apple and Google app stores.

Pay less for more:

There are also several ways to get premium entertainment for less. Right up there is by taking advantage of the DStv Step-Up offer. What is the Step-Up offer you may ask. Well, it’s an offer that allows DStv and GOtv subscribers who reconnect or upgrade to the next higher package get a further upgrade to an even higher package within 48 hours. This Step-Up offer runs till March 31. With this offer you kill two birds with one stone; because what is better than paying less and getting? Absolutely nothing!

Make substitutions:

You can opt for less expensive options during this period, like carpooling rather than paying for a ride alone, cooking at home rather than eating out. You can also opt for at home workout sessions over paying a gym membership fee. However, this is no excuse to slack on your health and fitness goals. You could get workout inspiration from SuperSport Blitz (DStv Ch. 200) and home self-care ideas from RealTime (DStv ch. 155), BBC Lifestyle (DStv ch. 174), or Spice TV (DStv ch. 190).

Organise indoor hangouts instead:

Beat loneliness by inviting friends over to share fun moments with you. You can treat your guests to a nice homemade lunch while you catch up with the over 300 new movies coming on Africa Magic this March. If music is more your vibe, let the good times roll with a good old house party vibing to jams on Trace (DStv ch. 325), MTV Base (DStv ch. 322), Soundcity (DStv ch. 327), or Hip TV (DStv ch. 324). Even DJ no do pass this line up.

With these five tips, you should do just fine during this inflation period. Share these tips with anyone you know to help them navigate these times smartly. Also, remember to catch up on missed episodes of your favourite shows via the DStv Stream App.

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