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HMD Global CEO, Florian Seiche visits Nigeria

by Goddie Ofose
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  • The high-level visit will be instrumental in aligning the company’s strategy and affirming commitment to the Nigerian market.
  • The visit comes as the company is about to reach its 6th year of existence.
  • HMD Global, the Home of Nokia phone’s commitment is to make products that consumers will love, trust, and keep for long as they go about their daily needs.

Today, the  HMD Global Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Florian Seiche visits Nigeria. The high-level visit is part of the CEO’s visit to the region and is meant to align the company’s outlook and strategy for the market.

During the visit, the CEO will be accompanied by a delegation which includes the Vice President, Sub- Saharan Africa, Mr. Justin Maier and General Manager for West, East & Central Africa, Mr.  Joseph Umunakwe.

Commenting about the visit, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Florian Seiche said, “Nigeria has been a strategic location for our West African business. We recognize the innovative nature of the market and are committed to meeting and satisfying our customers. Our innovative devices are a testament to our commitment in being a customer centric organization.”

Justin Maier, Vice President, Sub- Saharan Africa added “The visit is a high reflection of the impact the Nigerian business has had on the company.  We continue to listen to our customer’s and design products that suit their everyday needs with devices that they love, trust, and want to keep for longer.”

The visit coincides with the launch of four new gadgets by HMD, including the most eco-friendly Nokia smartphone. This latest release includes the Nokia X30 5G, Nokia G60 5G, Nokia C31, and Nokia T21 as well as all-new environmentally friendly accessories. Dubbed the most environmentally friendly smartphone to date, the Nokia X30 5G is constructed of 65% recycled plastic and 100% recycled aluminium. Additionally, more environmentally friendly packaging and standard longevity promise to update the Nokia device line up across all price points.

Florian Seiche further commented stating that, “At HMD Global, home of Nokia phones, we want people to keep their phones for longer and this can be seen across three areas. We have introduced Circular, a truly circular subscription model that rewards people who extend the lifecycle of their phones. We build our devices with more recycled materials and continue to boost our longevity heritage with software and security updates. And we are working hard to live this approach as a company, with our business-wide sustainability pledges that shows our commitment to continue to work harder to protect tomorrow.”

The entry of the company in the country has brought good tidings for mobile phone customers in the region. HMD Global has ensured production of phone products that consumers love which is versatile for all occasions; Trust in their daily needs as they experience award winning quality phones and keep for long, where consumers can be able to work, learn and play for longer.

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